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Google to ban Coronavirus plot announcements

Google is looking for fake ads around Covid-19
According to a Bloomberg report, Google will adopt these new advertising regulations next month. And in addition to preventing advertisers from creating new ads, the American giant will also use algorithmic and human analysis to identify violators and take appropriate action. Those who will be caught several times not respecting this new rule will therefore be definitively prohibited.

As a Google spokesperson explained, this is in addition to a rule already in place regarding claims deemed dangerous in health, such as ads promoting miracle drugs or anti-vaccination ideas: “We are going to put in place additional protections by extending our rules concerning health advertising, both for publishers and for advertisers, to include dangerous content concerning the health crisis that would be in contradiction with scientific consensus. ”

False information should not be posted on the web
In April, Google announced that it was spending $ 6.5 million to combat false information around Covid-19, in a significant effort to prevent dissemination of any false information. Other platforms have already taken such measures against Covid-19: Apple refuses all applications related to the coronavirus that do not come from official health organizations, Twitter bans tweets touting fake remedies and Facebook tracks down fake ones statements through its Covid-19 information center.

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