Data Scientist, automated detection of pulmonary lesions

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Lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer. Most of the efforts are dedicated to early-stage detection of lesions so that the prognosis for patients with lung cancer can be improved. Even though no lung cancer screening has been done in France so far, high-risks patients (i.e. heavy smoker with more than 30 packs per-year) are advised to be monitored. The management of the huge volume of images that would be generated in an automated lung screening program is the main obstacle to organize a national, knowing that 40% of radiologists retiring would not be replaced by 2025. Université Côte d’Azur and hospital university of Nice are the promoters of the project LungScreenCT. The goal of the project is to provide radiologists with a reliable first-reading tool, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, allowing radiologists to manage the huge volume of images generated in an automated lung screening program. Artificial Intelligence would allow radiologist to focus on complex cases and spend more time with patients.

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Fin de candidature : 2020-01-10
Date de prise de poste : 2020-02-15
Type de contrat : CDD

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