Graduate studies in Software Engineering – Tucson, United States

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We invite high-quality candidates to join this unique opportunity to study and perform research in Software Engineering. Highlighted topics include research in cloud-native systems and cybersecurity.

Research projects in cloud-native range from contemporary issues in Microservice Architecture or Serverless, identification of technical debt, architectural degradation, static/dynamic analysis or testing; it can also integrate with advancements in Natural Language Processing or AI. Besides, the research projects may include focus on problems in performance analysis, compliance, consistency checking, etc. Emerging topics also include the integration of cloud-native with edge, and all such interests can be accommodated in research projects.

The candidate will work with other researchers on a project involving microservices system benchmarks and work on publications for renowned conferences and journals.

Research projects in cybersecurity may cope with system vulnerability detection, active attack defense, and root cause analysis. In general, research in this area will center around software security, cyber-physical systems, IoT or network security.

All successful candidates should have (or expect to have) a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science (or closely related fields such as Informatics) and a background in software engineering with experience in enterprise application design and development or with a concentration on related fields like cybersecurity or NLP. The candidate should be a problem-solver with programming skills and theoretical background, ideally knowledgeable in component-based frameworks like Spring or Java EE, and be familiar with some of these technologies: Docker, AWS, OpenShift/Kubernetes, compiler design, Reflection API, or code transformation, etc. Good writing skills are expected to publish research manuscripts with the supervisor.

Application to this opportunity can be made here: APPLY TO UA

Research-related questions can be posted to Dr. Tomas Cerny with a copy of your curriculum vitae

All general inquiries regarding the application process can be directed to the Software Engineering Graduate Program Coordinator, Liza Soto ( ).

Application instructions:

October 20, 2023, is our application deadline for the Spring ’24 admission.

  • Submit all of the following documents (at least unofficial copies) by the deadline:
  • statement of purpose (indicate your research interests and interest in a double degree)
  • all your transcripts, which clearly show all your BS (& MS/Ph.D. if applicable) course grades with GPA(s)
  • GRE score report (optional)
  • TOEFL/IELTS/Pearson PTE score report unless you have a degree from an English-taught institution. English Proficiency Requirements
  • Contact info of three references who will promptly send letters of recommendation
  • writing sample(s) (optional but helps to connect with supervisor)
  • any published (co)-authored paper
  • your MS/BS thesis

For more information about our application process, you can refer to the following pages:

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