Ph.D. Fellowship “Structural, morphological and mechanical properties of graphene-based films”

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The Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences, Foundation of Research and Technology – Hellas, (FORTH/ICE- HT) is seeking applicants for one PhD candidate position in the context of the research project «Innovative pilot lines for sustainable graphene-based flexible and structural energy harvesting and storage devices (GRAPHERGIA), GA: 101120832», which is implemented under the HORIZON EUROPE.

Job Description

To conduct research as a Ph.D. candidate in the framework of the aforementioned project “GRAPHERGIA”. The main objective of GRAPHERGIA is to develop a new science-based, holistic approach, implementing new advances to achieve one-step, laser-assisted synthesis, processing, functionalization and simultaneous integration of graphene-based materials and graphene nanohybrids, directly into relevant energy harvesting/storage devices. The selected candidate will conduct research, as a graduate student (PhD), in the framework of the aforementioned project “GRAPHERGIA”, in the study of structural, morphological and mechanical properties of graphene-based films for supercapacitor and battery electrodes.

Location: FORTH/ICE-HT, Patras, Greece

Duration: up to 6 months, with the potential of renewal or extension according to the needs of the project.

Fellowship: up to approximately 840 € per month (graduate fellowship) depending on qualifications.

Envisaged starting date: 01/11/2023

Requirements and Qualifications

The applicant should hold both undergraduate (B.Sc.) and M.Sc. degree in Physics or Chemistry or Materials Science or relevant field. The candidate should have been registered in a Ph.D. program in Physics or Chemistry or Materials Science or Chemical Engineering or relevant field. Experience with Raman spectroscopy as well as with characterization of the morphology and the mechanical properties of graphene would be strongly favored. Candidates must be fluent in Greek language and have a good knowledge of English (at least level B2) language.

The evaluation of the candidacies will be based on the following criteria and qualifications:

Qualifications Weight Evaluation criteria
Proven experience in the study of structural, morphological and mechanical properties of graphene-based films 35 Demonstrated through

  1. Publications or annual progress reports submitted to Department enrolling the Ph.D.: 5 points per report/publication, up to 15 points
  2. Experience from participation in other relevant funded research projects: 10 points per year of active participation; up to 20 points
M.Sc. grade 20 2 points ΧM.Sc. grade
Interview 20 (a) Background in the objective of the assignment (8 points). (b) Organizational and communication skills (4 points). (c) Team-spirit and self-motivation (4 points). (d) Commitment to achieving the goals (4 points).
Knowledge of English Language 15 10 points (C1), 15 points (C2)
B.Sc. grade 10 1 point ΧB.Sc. grade
Overall 100  

Application Submission

Interested candidates who meet the aforementioned requirements should submit their applications, no later than 5/10/2023, 16:00 h, by email to Kleanthi Zacharopoulou:

In order to be considered, the application must include:

  • Application letter
  • CV with clear description of the methodologies possessed by the applicant and the level of experience
  • Scanned copies of academic titles & English language certificate
  • Certificate of registration as a PhD candidate
  • Copies of publications in peer-reviewed journals or annual progress reports
  • Employer’s certificate and any other official documentation of the required experience

Any application received after the deadline will not be considered for the selection.

Selection Procedure

Applications that are received on time will be evaluated by a scientific committee using the criteria mentioned above.

Selection Announcement

The result of the selection will be announced on the website of: FORTH/ICE-HT.

Candidates have the right to appeal the selection decision, by addressing their written objection to the FORTH/ICE-HT Research Secretariat, e-mail:, within five (5) days after the results announcement on the web.


For information and questions regarding the application and selection procedure, candidates are asked to contact the FORTH/ICE-HT Research Secretariat, e-mail:, tel.: +30 2610 965278.

For information and questions about the advertised position and the research activity of the group or the Institute, candidates are asked to contact Professor Spyros Yannopoulos: tel: 30 2610 965252, email:

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