Professorship focusing on Pedagogics for Communication and Language Impairments incl. Inclusive Pedagogics

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The Faculty of Human Sciences invites applications for a

Professorship focusing on Pedagogics for Communication and Language Impairments incl. Inclusive Pedagogics

as a professorship for life at grade W 3 to be appointed as soon as possible.

We are looking for applicants with relevant national and international quality publications whose research focus is on special needs education and inclusion. Additional prerequisites are relevant research activities in the school context and a strong track record of third-party funding . Applicants (m/f/d) should be willing to participate in research associations, cooperations and alliances inside and outside of the University of Regensburg.

The future holder of the professorship is expected to represent the discipline special needs education with special emphasis on communication and speech impairments incl. inclusive pedagogics and is desired to have a demonstrated strong commitment to teaching and research in its full range.

Teaching tasks include taking part in the implementation of the degree courses of the Faculty of Human Sciences, especially the teaching degree course special needs education including the mentoring of the relevant internships . The professorship is responsible for the partial degree courses speech therapy (with special emphasis on speech (impairments)) yet to be developed and designed as an intensified study course (examination regulations § 99 LPO I) and as a qualification study course (examination regulations § 108 LPO I). Active participation in further degree courses offered by the faculty is projected. Research is supposed to have an empirical orientation, make a contribution to the faculty focus “Inclusion & Diversity, Sustainability & Digitality“ and introduce its findings into teacher training. Applicants should have strong social and leadership competencies. Involvement in academic autonomy is expected. Heading a junior research group represents an equivalent academic/scientific achievement according to the prerequisites named under art. 98 para. 10 clause 5 BayHIG.

Prerequisites for taking up the position (acc. to art. 57 para. 1 BayHIG (i.e. Bavarian Higher Education Act) are, in addition to the general conditions as laid down in public sector employment law: a completed university degree, pedagogic suitability, and particular aptitude for academic work, generally shown by a doctoral degree, as well as additional academic achievements, such as a habilitation or an equivalent research record. Scientific research experience gained outside of a university environment, or while employed as a Junior Professor, will also be taken into consideration and may be considered equivalent to a formal academic qualification. Proof of a teaching credential should be available and school teaching experience of several years is required.

The University of Regensburg is particularly committed to reconciling family and working life (for more information, see To fulfill the equality directive and increase the number of female professors, we explicitly encourage applications from qualified women.

In case of essentially similar suitability, applicants with severe disabilities will be preferentially selected.

The prerequisites for an appointment under civil servant law are based on the provisions of the Bavarian Public Service Code (BayBG) and the BayHIG. Note the age limit as in art. 60 para. 3 BayHIG.

Applications complete with the usual documents (CV, certificates, award documents, publication list containing the most important publications) are to be sent in digital form only (pdf, 1 file)

until December 31, 2023

to the Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences of the University of Regensburg,

For information on data protection please refer to

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