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5 Research Grants for Masters in Animal Science and/or Veterinary Science

A call for tender is open for the award of 5 Research Grants for Masters, intended to finance the realization, by the grantee, of research activities leading to the obtaining of the academic degree of doctor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Lisbon. These take place within the scope of the Interdisciplinary Research Center in Animal Health, CIISA, through the Multiannual Financing of FCT R&D Units, IP (reference UIDB/00276/2020), financial support from FCT/MCTES through national funds (PIDDAC), under the following conditions:


Animal Science and/or Veterinary Science and related areas.


Research grants are intended to finance the grantee’s carrying out of research activities leading to the achievement of the academic degree of doctor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Lisbon (FMV-ULisboa). These activities will take place in the CIISA R&D unit, which will be the host institution for the grantees, without prejudice to the work being carried out in collaboration with other national or foreign research or higher education institutions.

2.1 Candidate Eligibility Requirements

You can apply for this competition:

  •  National citizens or citizens of other member states of the European Union;
  •  Citizens of third States;
  •  Stateless persons;
  •  Citizens benefiting from political refugee status.To compete you must:

 Have a master’s degree in the scientific areas required for the competition or in similar areas that are considered appropriate by the CIISA coordination team.

 Having obtained the diploma before the application deadline and that it is recognized by the Portuguese academic authorities.

  •  Be available to enroll in one of the doctoral programs offered by FMV-ULisboa.
  •  Submit a formal letter of acceptance of doctoral guidance from an integrated doctoral member of CIISA.
  •  Possess the ability to read, write and communicate fluently in English.
  •  Permanently and habitually reside in Portugal, if the work plan associated with the grant takes place, partially, in foreign institutions (mixed grants), a requirement applicable to both national and foreign citizens.
  •  Not having benefited from a doctoral or doctoral grant in companies directly financed by FCT, IP, regardless of its duration.2.2 Application Eligibility Requirements

    It is essential, under penalty of non-admission to the Competition, to attach the following documents to the application:

  •  Elements of the identity card/citizen card/passport;
  •  Detailed curriculum vitae of the candidate;
  •  Copy of the qualification certificates of the academic degrees held, specifying the final classification and, if possible, the classifications obtained in all the curricular units carried out, or, alternatively, a declaration of honor by the candidate that he/she completed the bachelor’s or master’s degree until the end of the application deadline. If the certificates are issued in a language other than Portuguese or English, they must be accompanied by an official translation;
  •  Record of recognition of academic degrees awarded by foreign higher education institutions and record of the conversion of the respective final classification to the Portuguese classification scale, or, alternatively, declaration of honor by the candidate in which he obtained recognition of the foreign degree equivalent to that of graduate or master until the end of the application period;
  •  Document most representative of the candidate’s scientific/professional path, being considered as such, for example, a scientific publication, conference communication, panel presentation, scientific report or master’s thesis, proof of scientific or professional performance
  •  Proposal for a Work Plan leading to the Thesis, presented in the format indicated in the form provided in the Annex;
  •  Letters of acceptance from the advisor(s);The Curriculum vitae, the motivation letter and the work plan must be written

    in English. All elements must be made available in pdf format.

    3. WORK PLAN

    The work plan leading to the doctoral thesis must be framed in the activities plan and strategy of the CIISA R&D unit. This aims to carry out original research in the fields of i) Surveillance, prevention and control of zoonoses and animal diseases; ii) Veterinary clinical research; iii) Sustainable animal production; iv) Quality, technology and sanitary safety of foods of animal origin.


 Law No. 40/2004, of August 18, amended by Decree-law No. 202/2012, of August 27, by Decree-law No. 233/2012, of October 29, by Law No. 12/2013, of 29 of January, by Decree-law No. 89/2013, of July 9, and by Decree-law No. 123/2019, of August 28.

  •  Regulation of FCT, IP Research Grants, No. 950/2019, of December 16, and amended by Regulation No. 643/2021, published in the 2nd Series of the Diário da República No. 135, of July 14.
  •  Regulation of Research Grants of the University of Lisbon, published by Order no. 6977/2015, in the Diário da República, 2nd series, no. 2nd series, no 57, of March 21.


Scholarship contract of 1 year (12 months), renewable annually, up to a maximum of 4 years, on an exclusive basis, according to the applicable regulations.


The amount of the scholarship corresponds to € 1,144.64, according to the FCT, IP value table in force, paid monthly, plus the voluntary social security reimbursement, if applicable, in accordance with the provisions of the Research Scholarship Regulations of the FCT, IP

7. SELECTION METHOD AND COMPOSITION OF THE JURY 7.1 Evaluation of applications

Applications considered admissible will be evaluated from zero (0.000 – minimum rating) to five (5.000 – maximum rating) on ​​each of the three evaluation criteria:

  •  Criterion A – Candidate Merit;
  •  Criterion B – Merit of the Work Plan;
  •  Criterion C – Merit of the Reception Conditions.For the purpose of deciding on the award of scholarships, candidates will be ranked according to the weighted average of the classification obtained in each of the three criteria, with a weighting of 40% for the Candidate’s Merit (A), 40% for the Merit of the Work Plan (B) and 20% for the Merit of Reception Conditions (C), translated by the following formula:

 Final classification = (0.4 x A) + (0.4 x B) + (0.2 x C)

For the purposes of breaking the tie, candidates will be ranked based on the classifications given to each of the evaluation criteria in the following order of precedence: criterion A (Merit of the Candidate), criterion B (Merit of the Work Plan) and criterion C ( Merit of the Reception Conditions). Candidates whose application is evaluated with a final grade of less than three values ​​(3,000) are not eligible for the grant.

7.2 Composition of the Selection Jury:

The Jury is composed of the following elements:

President – ​​Doctor António Freitas Duarte, Associate Professor at FMV-ULisboa

Effective Member – Dr. Susana Alves, Researcher at CIISA, FMV-ULisboa

Effective Member – Doctor Elisabete Silva, Researcher at CIISA, FMV-ULisboa

Effective Member – Doctor Jorge de Jesus Correia, Associate Professor at FMV-ULisboa

Substitute Member – Doctor Alexandre Cameira Leitão, Assistant Researcher at FMV-ULisboa


8.1 The results of the contest will be communicated to candidates via email and advertised electronically, through the electronic platform available at , in accordance with the deadlines set out in the Scholarship Regulations. Research at the University of Lisbon.

8.2 The final ranking list is published by email, through a list sorted by final grade obtained, to the email address indicated in the respective Curriculum Vitae.

8.3 If the result is unfavorable to the granting of the requested scholarship, candidates have a period of 10 working days, after the disclosure referred to in the previous number, to comment, if they wish, in a prior hearing of interested parties, under the terms foreseen in the Code of Administrative Procedure.

8.4 Complaints may be lodged against the final decision referred to in the previous numbers within 15 working days, or appeal to the highest executive body of the financing entity within 30 working days, both after the respective notification.


The tender is open between the 23rd of May and 24:00 (Lisbon time) of the 9th of June 2022. Applications and supporting documents for the application provided for in this Tender Opening Notice must be submitted, mandatorily, to by email sent to , indicating “CIISA Research Grants for Masters” in the “Subject” field of the message.

Each candidate may submit only one application, under penalty of cancellation of all submitted applications.

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