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GIRACT’s European PhD in Flavor Research Awards – 6 Bursaries for First Year PhD Students

Giract is proud to announce that, following the success of its unique and innovative programme to promote flavor research amongst PhD students in Europe across various universities and institutes, 5 industry sponsors will continue to support the programme, now in its eleventh year. This consortium aims to raise awareness of the industry and career opportunities in order to increase the flavor research talent pool in Europe. The 5 sponsoring companies are:


This thirteenth edition is organised by Giract, in coordination with Andrea Cattaruzza, Director of AndCat Ltd and Prof. Andy Taylor of the University of Nottingham, UK.

What is funded

Flavor research amongst PhD students across European universities and institutes.

The one-off bursary of EUR 3000 will be awarded during 2023 to the 6 selected first year PhD students. Bursary payment(s) will be based on research-related invoices countersigned by the respective professors. Invoices can relate to expenses such as purchases of equipment, databases, participation in conferences, visits to laboratories, etc. Any part of the bursary not claimed by December 31, 2023 will be handed over to the respective department of the university/institute.

The 6 winning 1st year PhD students will be offered the opportunity of visiting the laboratory of a selected sponsor company in their second year of studies. Bursary winners will also be expected to submit mid and year end short summaries of research progress, due June 30, 2023 and December 31, 2023 respectively.


1 year


You must have completed a master’s degree AND enrolled for PhD degree in any European University before October 31, 2022.

You can be from any scientific background but one aim of the bursaries is to attract people who have not studied Food Chemistry, Food Science or Food Technology to study food flavors

Projects do not necessarily have to be restricted to scientific aspects, but can also cover other features of flavor science such as business policy, marketing, legislation, consumer impact, etc.

You should not be already sponsored by a commercial organization and/or not be bound to it.

You must have a project summary with clear methodologies.

Your research must be relevant to ‘Flavor’.

You must be able to submit your application by October 31, 2022

Selection Criteria


A brief summary of the work should clearly state the background to the project, the hypotheses to be tested and explain the novelty of the work and its potential to further our understanding of flavor science


Projects that involve training the student in more than one scientific discipline will be favoured

Experimental design and data analysis:

All projects should describe appropriate methodology for experimental design and data analysis

Applications must be submitted electronically by October 31, 2022 to

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