The sterilizers and disinfectants market has seen a lot of activity recently with the spread of the Corona epidemic worldwide and the registration of thousands of deaths.

People of all ages have used them excessively to avoid infections, but what is hidden from them is that there are side effects that appear with frequent use, according to Sky News.

For sterilizers to work properly, it is necessary that the concentration of alcohol is greater than sixty percent and a percentage of other liquids that give a pleasant and pleasant odor, as reported by the American Food and Drug Organization, who strongly warned against excessive use of hand sanitizers that adversely affect public health.

The organization pointed out that there are two components present in antibacterial products, namely triclosan or triclocarban, which are the two elements responsible for the resistance of bacteria and germs. Triclosan is an easily absorbed and ingested component of the body and bloodstream that can cause various side effects such as cancer, hormonal allergies, bad neurological effects and muscle weakness.

Triclocarban has an effect on sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, which can stimulate the growth of breast and prostate cancer.

Excessive use of hand sanitizers can damage the skin and in some cases damage cells, and can also make allergies worse. And with the smell of powerful antiseptics, you have to be careful, because this is due to the presence of compounds such as phthalates, “very toxic”, and the scents found in disinfectants cause shortness of breath and inflammation of the skin, therefore it is best to use an odorless hand sanitizer.