1. Support categories, quota, support programs, scholarship duration and standard


    Support categories


    Support programs

    Duration of the grant (year)

    Stock exchange standard

    Scholarship for postgraduate students

    (new students)

    PhD students


    Programs taught in Chinese or English


     Wuition wavier,

    Partial renunciation of   accommodation  on campus  of  7,500 RMB / year,

    full medical insurance, monthly allowance: 2,500 RMB / month

    Masters students


    Programs taught in Chinese or English


     Wuition wavier,

     Partial on campus  housing  waiver  RMB 7500 / year,

    full medical insurance, monthly allowance: RMB 1,500 / month

    Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

    (new students)

    Undergraduate students

     Type A: 40

     Type B: 30

    Type C: 30

    Programs taught in Chinese or English


    Type A: Wavier tuition fees  ,   full medical insurance

    Type B:   50% tuition,   full medical insurance

    Type C:  exemption from accommodation on campus,  full medical insurance

  2. Eligibility

  1. Candidates must be citizens and non-Chinese in good physical and mental health with a good academic training, which must abide by Chinese laws and  the   university rules and regulations  and respect Chinese customs;

  2. Applicants must meet the requirements of our university’s curriculum for international students in China. For more detailed information, please refer to the general regulations for graduate registrations for international students and the general regulations for undergraduate registrations for international students  ;

  3. Each fellow will receive a maximum of one scholarship.

  1. Application procedure

  1. The medjouel.com team informs you that the requester must both complete the online request and send us the request material on paper.

  2. Eligible applicants must log in to   the  NJUST online  application system  before the deadline (visit  http://admission.njust.edu.cn  ), complete and submit the online application form.

  3. The applicant must pay an administration fee of 500 RMB (around  8  0 USD  ).

  4. The applicant must send us the paper application material by mail.

Note: No application material and application fees will be returned regardless of admission.

  1. Application documents

  1. NMG-NJUST joint scholarship application form.

  2. Copy of valid passport information page.

  3. Highest notarial diploma.

Prospective diploma applicants must submit an official document issued by your current school to prove your current student status or the expected date of graduation. Documents in languages ​​other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.

  1. A  cademic transcript (written in Chinese or English)  .

Transcripts in languages ​​other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations into Chinese or English. If applicants are already current university students in China, they must also provide a certificate of enrollment and an approved transfer letter from their previous institutions.

  1. Language certificate. For applicants to the program taught in English: copy of the official IELTS certificate (6 or more) or the TOFEL certificate (more than 85). For applicants to the program taught in Chinese: copy of the   HSK 5  certificate  or higher.

  2. A study plan or research proposal. This should be written in Chinese or English   with   a minimum of 800 words   and   include your background of study  ,   professional experience, motivation to study in China, reasons for choosing great, academic results, research plan and in the field of target research and  so on  .

  3. Letters of recommendation (written in Chinese or English). Master’s or PhD candidates must submit two letters of recommendation signed by  both   Professor  of   professor or associate  s  ; Undergraduate applicants must submit two letters of recommendation signed by secondary school teachers.

  4. Academic documents and academic achievements, if applicable (for graduate candidates).

  5. Provisional consent form. It is suggested that graduate candidates contact the professors who wish to supervise their study project at NJUST. The “provisional consent form” should be completed (attachment) by the professor and included in the application documents.

  6. Foreign physical examination form (photocopy). The physical examinations must cover all the elements listed in the alien physical examination form. Incomplete forms or without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicant are considered to be invalid. Please  carefully  organize   your physical examination schedule as the result is only valid for 6 months.

  7. Guarantee certificate, proof of the guarantor’s financial capacity (including in particular the statement of employment and income, bank deposit certificate or other proof of financial capacity)  .

  1. Registration deadline

30  e   mai  2020

  1. Admission and confirmation of scholarships

  1. The university sends the admission documents (  notice of  admission   and visa application form for study in China (JW202) and orientation guide Njust before arrival) to the stock prior to August  2020  .

  2. Fellows could not change their field of study or their duration of study in general.

  3. The scholarship will not be reserved if the scholarship holder cannot register before the registration deadline.

  4. The duration of the main study must correspond to the program to which you are applying, as specified in the admission notice (if the scholarship holder extends his study period, the scholarship will not be continued. If the scholarship holder suspends or abandons  his   studies , his / her purse would be stopped accordingly).

  1. Full annual scholarship assessment

All scholarship recipients are required to attend the full annual scholarship evaluation in April and / or May of each year to confirm their qualification for the scholarship for the next academic year.

  1. Contact information

Scholarship information website:  http://study.njust.edu.cn/  , please refer to “Scholarship”.

Undergraduate consultation email   :  undergraduate@njust.edu.cn

Alumni consultation email:  postgraduate@njust.edu.cn

Official school website  :  http://study.njust.edu.cn/

Online  Application site:  http://admission.njust.edu.cn/

Contact   (postal)   Address  :

Room 225, Building 100, School of International Education,

Nanjing University of Science and Technology  ,  200 Xiaolingwei Street,

Nanjing, Jiangsu Province  , China   210094

Phone: + 86-25-84303232

Standard fees for international   students (graduate students)


Duration of studies   (year)


Tuition fees (RMB / year)

Undergraduate Students






Masters students






Doctorate  nts






Fee standard for international  students  (  non-graduate students  )

Chinese preparatory Language courses

Jiangyin Campus  )



1  0  , 600

General Chinese Language courses

  Main campus  




Other expenses

Application fee  :  500 RMB  Non refundable  

Accommodation costs  :  RMB 9,000 / year  in the campus dormitory with a double room  

Electricity  :  approx. 1000 RMB / year

Manual fee  :  approx. 1000 RMB / year

Meal budget  :  approx. 6000 RMB / year

Registration fee for temporary residence  :  at least 400 RMB / year

Physical examination fee  :  430 RMB / hour


 If the requester establishes the transaction with a bank in China (500 yuan)

Nom du bénéficiaire  :  Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Account number  :  4301017709001057330

Nom de la banque:  Nanjing Industrial and Commercial Bank Military Management Branch

Bank account number :  102301000132

 If the requester establishes the transaction with a bank outside of China   (  80 USD)

Recipient Name  :  Nanjing University of Science and Technology (Nan Jing Li Gong Da Xue)

Account number  r:  528758191182

Bank Name:  Bank of China, Jiangsu Branch

Bank address:   148 Zhongshan South Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

Swift: BKCHCNBJ940

Please include the FULL APPLICANT NAME and PASSPORT NUMBER as the transaction note.

Note: No application material and application fees will be returned regardless of admission.

International Students from Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Instructor’s intended acceptance letter (for graduate applications only)

NJUST-  Professor Provisional consent for  m (for postgraduate applicants only)

applicantApplicants  ‘  nameTheApply for a majorMajor proposedThe
Language of instructionLanguage of instruction□  Chinese  chinois□  English AnglaisApplication categoryProposed diploma□  Graduate student  Maître□  PhD  PhD
Apply for study periodProposed duration of studiesFrom in months to years monthsDe MM AAAA   à MM Aaaa
Instructor comments Commentaire du professeur
The content may include: the supervisor’s understanding of the applicant’s previous education background, such as the graduation school and grades; the degree of fit between the applicant’s research plan and the tutor’s research field; the tutor’s recommendations on the applicant’s admission or scholarship application, etc.The   c  ontent may contain: the  p  rofessor ”  is the  understanding of the educational background of the candidate, as a graduate institution and GPA; if the candidate’s research plan better fits  p  “rofessor  of  research fields; the p  rof’s recommendations  on the admission or the scholarship application of the candidate, etc.
tutor’s nameProfessors  s   NameTheCollegeSchoolThe
Phone number Mobile numberThe



Supervisor signatureProfessor ”  of   SignatureThe

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