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Exploring Homologous Recombination Deficiency (HRD) in serous endometrial carcinoma – scholarship

The scholarship is aimed at supporting an independent, self-motivated and ambitious postdoctoral fellow with a keen interest in translational cancer research and DNA repair mechanisms. The fellow will study molecular and cellular alterations associated with deficient DNA double-strand break repair, primarily in endometrial carcinomas and cell line models, biomarkers for therapy response and perform bioinformatic analyses. Correlations with breast and ovarian cancer will be sought. The candidate will have the opportunity to learn new skills as the project requires methodological development. The successful applicant must have a solid background in experimental cancer research, including histopathology, in vitro models, omics methods, biomarker development and/or bioinformatics.


The scholarship covers a period of 6 months with possibility of prolongation up to a maximum of 24 months in total.


– To be eligible for a post-doc scholarshop at Lund University the recipient must hold a PhD degree within a relevant field. The PhD degree must not be from Lund University. The PhD degree must not be older than three years. The applicant must not have been employed at Lund University in the past two years.

– The PhD degree should be in a preclinical cancer-related subject with proven proficiency in histopathology, in vitro models, molecular biology including omics methods, and/or bioinformatics.

– Solid experience in cancer biology and cell signaling is desirable.

– The applicant should have the ability to design and execute experiments independently and to set up new methods.

– Good communication skills and good knowledge of English – both written and spoken – are required.

– Experience of handling patient material and related information is advantageous.

– Knowledge of programming and bioinformatic analyses (R or equivalent) is meritorious.

– Prior research experience in the field of gynaecological and/or breast cancer research is an advantage.

Information regarding scholarships at Lund University

– The scholarship sum is paid out quarterly

– A scholarship awarded will be reviewed every six months

Scholarships are tax-exempt

Scholarships do not give rise to sickness benefits, compensation from the Social Insurance Office or retirement pension.

– A scholarship holder cannot be hired after the scholarship period due to tax reasons.

– The scholarship follows the regulations established by the Vice-Chancellor of Lund University (October 1st 2020; Reg. No STYR 2020/1283).

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Professor Ingrid Hedenfalk;

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