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Postdoctoral Fellowship, Single-Cell Immunogenomics, United States

Genmab is focused on the creation and development of innovative and differentiated antibody products, with the aim of improving the lives of cancer patients.

The Role:

This year we have begun a Post-Doctoral Fellowship program to cultivate the growth of scientific leaders in the immune-oncology field. Post-Doctoral Fellows will have access to our cutting-edge laboratories and multi-modal clinical trial data to conduct research in tumor-immune interactions, antibody biochemistry and patient response biomarkers. Fellows will have opportunities for mentoring to foster scientific rigor with the goal of positioning candidates for careers in biotechnology, academia, or the pharmaceutical industry.

The Translational Sciences group in Princeton, NJ is seeking a highly motivated individual with strong experience in single cell RNAseq and immunology to join the Post-Doctoral Fellowship program.

The Translational Sciences team works in concert to combine flow cytometry, immune function assays, RNA profiling, immunogenomics and spatial genomics to provide a deep phenotype of patients participating in Genmab trials. The research goal of this fellowship is to use our clinical trial PBMC samples to understand the long-term remodeling of the immune system under oncology treatment regimes. Single-cell analysis will provide insights on the baseline immune competency, immune cell trafficking to tumors and the changes during treatment with T-cell activators, chemotherapy, or  radiotherapy. These studies will help advance the development of Genmab therapeutics for cancers with poor outcomes.


The aim of this fellowship is to explore how oncology therapies modulate the immune system using 10x single-cell genomics, high-parameter flow cytometry and tumor RNA/DNA profiling. During the fellowship, the candidate will:

    • Establish and optimize single cell techniques for use in PBMCs from clinical trials with the 10x Chromium X system (5’ RNA, feature barcoding, cell hashing and TCRSeq).
    • Organize laboratory efforts to analyze hundreds of PBMC samples from trials, focusing on patients with multiple collections and long-term response information.
    • Overlay scRNAseq, flow cytometry and tumor RNA/DNA data to create a composite analysis of pharmacodynamic events, focusing on immune trafficking between tumor and peripheral blood.
    • Use bioinformatic techniques to identify biomarkers of therapeutic resistance, potential combination therapies and next-generation targets.
    • Prepare scientific findings for presentation at large oncology conferences and publication in high-impact peer-reviewed journals.


    • Candidates should have recently graduated with PhD in biology or completed their 1st post-doctoral fellowship.
    • Applicants should have a deep knowledge of immunology and significant experience with cancer biology and genomics.
    • Experience with single-cell genomics, particularly optimizing laboratory protocols for human blood samples on the 10x platform.
    • Functional knowledge of single-cell bioinformatics: ability to perform QC on 10x NGS data, identify batch effects, perform cell type classification and differential gene expression analysis.
    • Statistical modeling experience in R or Python is highly desirable.
    • High throughput sample processing experience with biorobots such as Chromium Connect, Hamilton, Beckman and TECAN a plus.
    • Strong interpersonal skills, communication, organization, and a proactive patient focused mentality

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

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