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PhD Scholarships (DAAD-GSSP) & HGGS Membership

The Heidelberg Graduate School for the Humanities and Social Sciences at Heidelberg University (HGGS) invites applications for DAAD-GSSP Scholarships and Graduate Membership. We are looking for highly motivated, excellent doctoral candidates with a strong interest in interdisciplinary research.

The HGGS provides a structured, interdisciplinary programme in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Law for the formation of excellent doctoral candidates. It fosters innovative research projects and offers its members a dynamic and collaborative research environment within a broad national and international network. HGGS members actively contribute to the exchange across the disciplines and benefit from an exclusive selection of interdisciplinary seminars and expert courses in English and German. Interdisciplinary dissertation projects with any thematic focus are eligible to participate in the HGGS.

Applicants must hold an M.A. or equivalent with an above-average grade average. The transcript has to indicate at least four years of study at the university level. Excellent knowledge of English is expected. Knowledge of German can be acquired or improved during the first year of the programme.

Importantly, applicants are expected to contact a potential supervisor (Professor or PD) at Heidelberg University in order to discuss their research plans and to obtain a supervision agreement before applying to the HGGS.

The DAAD-GSSP Scholarships for two international candidates – residing abroad or no longer than 12 months in Germany at the time of application at the HGGS – are expected to start in the Winter Semester.

For full application details and requisites see the HGGS Homepage (

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