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The Holland Scholarship Programme (HSP) is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Dutch research universities, and universities of applied sciences. Students eligible for this scholarship are students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who are applying for the first year of a Master’s programme in the Netherlands. Students from Suriname and Switzerland are not eligible to apply for the HSP scholarship. This is because they pay the lower (statutory) tuition fee.

Scholarship amount

HSP is a contribution towards the costs of living. It is 5.000 EUR or 10.000 EUR for the entire duration of your study period. Please note:

      • The HSP scholarship is awarded only for the first year of your study programme. You will not receive the HSP scholarship for the second year of your studies even if you are following a two-year study programme.
      • We  have around 20- 25 HSP scholarships available. Only a few of the VUFP awardees will get the HSP scholarship.

Application criteria

When applying for the VUFP scholarship, you automatically apply also for the HSP. No separate application is necessary. Eligibility criteria for the HSP are the same as for the VUFP.

Application procedure

1. Follow the VUFP scholarship application (from 1 November 2022)
Please follow the VUFP application process as described above.

Deadline: 1 February 2023 (23:59 CET)

2. Decision
The Central Scholarship Committee decides which students will be offered HSP scholarship.

3. Results
All students will receive an e-mail/ notification informing them of the Central Scholarship Committee’s decision concerning their application.

Expected date: mid-March 2023 (6 weeks after the deadline).

4. Acceptance of HSP offer
Selected candidates accept/decline the HSP offer in their personal VU dashboard.

Deadline: end of March 2023 (2 weeks after the results have been published).

Kindly note the following:

– You can accept/decline the offer in your personal VU dashboard on

– If you do not take action within 2 weeks after receiving the results, the offer will be withdrawn.

– There are fewer HSP scholarships than VUFP. This means that not all VUFP recipients will receive HSP.

– If you have not been awarded VUFP, you also have not been awarded HSP.

– A scholarship granted for one academic year cannot be postponed to another academic year.

Conditions Holland Scholarship Programme

The conditions for the Holland Scholarship Programme can be found here.


For any further questions please contact us through:

The Holland Scholarship Programme (HSP) is financially supported by VUvereniging: a social network of people who are connected to Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


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