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Dear tourists, come to Cyprus! If you get Coronavirus, we pay you for your vacation

Written by jeunes

Do you want crystal clear water and warm sand, but are concerned about coronaviruses? Rest assured: if you catch it in Cyprus, the government, terrified by the prospect of a gloomy summer season, promises you care and holidays at its expense.

When we are an island nation very dependent on tourism revenues, how can we try to bring in international tourists at all costs for a summer season 2020 whose prospects are very clouded by the Covid-19 pandemic?

To answer this conundrum, the Cypriot authorities did not go four ways and, tells CNBC, decided to try a daring and surprising poker move which could give new meaning to the concept of medical tourism:

The Cypriot government has announced that it will cover the vacation costs of all tourists who acquire the coronavirus during their stay in the country. Officials have agreed to pay for accommodation, food, beverages and care for travelers if they test positive for Covid-19 after entering the country. ”

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