Shock … Coronavirus causes infertility and sexual impotence in men

Shock … Coronavirus causes infertility and sexual impotence in men 

The bad news about the emergence of the Corona virus (Covid-19) linked to men seems to continue, after receiving data that the death rate of men with corona is higher than that of women, a new study has revealed that the corona virus can damage the testicles.

This indicates that infected men who want to have children or maintain the quality of their sex life, are tested for sperm quality and hormone levels.

For those who have had Corona, especially men with fertility issues, it is best to conduct post-recovery tests, according to a team of experts led by Li Yufeng, professor at the Tongji Medical Center for Reproductive Medicine College in Wuhan, Hubei Province, central China. The report was published on the hospital’s website on March 10, and republished through the official website of Hubei Province a few days later.

The virus can invade cells through a mixture of the protein “Spike” “, protein S” and the angiotensin converting enzyme “ACE2”, causing tissue damage. In addition to the lungs, the team said that many other parts of the body, such as the testicles, small intestine, kidneys, heart, and thyroid, are affected by ACE2. Male reproductive function can be affected because a large amount of ACE2 appears in the testes and is mainly concentrated in sperm. Although there is no research, this confirms that the virus damages the testes and affects male fertility, but it is very similar to the SARS virus, and this infection invades the same cellular receptor, that is, say ACE2.

Infection with the virus can cause serious immune damage to the testes, causing inflammation and testicular dysfunction in some of the reproductive cells. Team experts said COVID-19 infection can theoretically damage the testes, which affects sperm production, and androgen synthesis, which affects male fertility, and ultimately leads to infertility. , and the quality of sex life will be affected due to the characteristics of discoloration Male secondary nationality and sexual position.

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