How to get a free certificate approved by the World Health Organization

OpenWHO is WHO’s first interactive online knowledge transfer platform that introduces open online courses on health emergency response. Since its launch in 2017, OpenWHO has enabled the Organization and its key partners to transfer vital knowledge to a large number of frontline responders around the world.

2. How to access OpenWHO?

The OpenWHO platform is accessible as follows:

3. Who can access OpenWHO courses?

OpenWHO courses are offered free of charge to anyone who registers with their email address.

4. Do I have to pay for OpenWHO courses?

No, all OpenWHO courses are free and open to anyone who wishes to register.

5. Are the lessons time-limited?

No, OpenWHO courses are self-paced which means you can take as much time as needed to complete a course.

6. What types of courses does OpenWHO offer? informs you that OpenWHO offers three levels of courses: basic, intermediate and advanced, under four channels:

  • Outbreak : Presents knowledge and tools on specific illnesses.
  • Go Social : focuses on cross-cutting interventions such as risk communication.
  • Ready for response : presents humanitarian interventions and the best way to engage in emergency situations.
  • Preparing for pandemics : brings together courses on various aspects of influenza phenomena.

In emergency situations, OpenWHO also produces special knowledge resources adapted from existing content.

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