Doctoral Studies – Funded by Vilnius University

This year, the University will fund 4 places in the fields of Education, Psychology, Medicine and Biochemistry. 4 topics and their supervisors were selected and approved:

  1. Teachers Education for 21st Century. Supervisor prof. dr. Lidija Duoblienė. Education.
  2. Stress and Resilience in Adolescence: Longitudinal Study of Trauma Exposure and Posttraumatic Stress. Supervisor doc. dr. Paulina Želvienė. Psychology.
  3. Prevention of Obesity: Molecular Analysis of Biomarkers and their Signaling Pathways, and their Significance for Individual Treatment. Supervisor doc. dr. Valentina Ginevičienė. Medicine.
  4. Development of Retron-based Precision Genome Editors. Supervisor dr. Patrick Pausch. Biochemistry.

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