Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Research Associate

Posted 12 months ago

The JHU Division of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery is looking for an individual who plans, organizes, and conducts highly independent research upon approval of the principal investigator. This individual would design, test, and evaluate protocols for research projects; analyze, summarize, and organize collected data for presentations at national meetings, conferences, and publication of results in professional journals.  The Research Associate would generally be responsible for the scientific operations of the laboratory and may the supervise laboratory/unit personnel under the direction of the principal investigator.  The candidate has experience with grant writing. The candidate has a background in standard molecular biology methods and in mouse models, with genetic manipulation of mice.

Duties and Responsibilities

Research & Design:

  • Designs, tests and evaluates methods of protocol for research projects, organizes
  • Performs specialized and complex experiments
  • Devises methods for testing in laboratory

Testing & Analysis:

  • Collects, prepares, analyzes, dissects and evaluates specimens and/or tissue cultures.
  • Performs a wide variety of assays, tests, and studies.

Data Management:

  • Maintains highly detailed records of the stages of development of tests and the final results thereof
  • Organizes collected data for presentations at national meetings and conferences writes results for publication of results in professional journals.

Animal Work:

  • Candidate has experience with genetic manipulation in mice and experience working with mice.
  • Candidate has experience working with large animals (preferred).

Other Duties as Assigned:

  • Operates laboratory equipment; contributes to laboratory maintenance
  • Calibrates, set up and repairs laboratory equipment
  • Operates sensitive and highly complex laboratory equipment and/ performs computer applications.
  • Organizes and summarizes data for weekly laboratory meetings
  • Synthesizes scientific background and justification for experimental investigation and uses preliminary data to support further research in grant applications
  • Maintains safe and efficient procedures in the laboratory; handles radioactive and hazardous waste
  • Provides instruction and training to graduate students
  • Participates in workshops and seminars

Mandatory Qualifications

PhD in Genetics, Developmental Biology, or related services

Ideal Qualifications

Experience with grant writing and submissions is preferred. Ability to effectively communicate in verbal and written English is also preferred.  Experience with mouse genetics and animal models is preferred.

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