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The faculty consists of professionals with diverse background, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, health psychology, movement sciences, biomedical sciences, biology, engineering and others. Quality, professionalism, co-creation, international collaboration and civic mindset are highly valued.
The faculty organizes a 3 years academic bachelor and 2 years academic master program in Rehabilitation Sciences & Physiotherapy. This program educates students through self-guided activated learning methods within a competence orientated model (CanMED). The faculty participates in the inter university master program for Occupational Sciences and the master program for Education in Health Sciences.
REVAL is an interdisciplinary research group in the domain of pediatric, neurological, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, biomechanics, health psychology and rehabilitation of internal disorders.
PhD students in rehabilitation sciences (and physiotherapy) and occupational sciences will be supported by the doctoral school of Health & Life Sciences. REVAL strives to perform innovative, person-centered, interdisciplinary and technology based research for detection, prevention and rehabilitation in order to optimize the functioning of individuals throughout the lifespan.
In a “civic” perspective, the RELAB platform is facilitating the provision of evidence-based services to the community of persons with disabilities, health care professionals and centers as well as companies.
The faculty organizes interdisciplinary evidence-based courses for health care professionals in the REVAL ACADEMY program.

Education task
This vacancy focuses on integrative physiology with a specialization in neurosciences.  The relation between neural structures, functional neural networks and systems in relation to functioning and rehabilitation is the central topic. Education and research is taken into account the human development and ageing, problems in functioning due to diverse disorders (for example pain or a changing mental condition), and the mediation by rehabilitation.
You will perform teaching activities in the bachelor and master program of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy, especially in the field of integrative neurophysiology related to functioning and rehabilitation in a lifespan perspective. You will work with innovative educational concepts which focus on competences within the CanMED model, including clinical and scientific competences and interdisciplinary collaboration. You will work in a team and will lead a group of teaching assistants.

Research mission
You will perform research in the field of integrative physiology with a specialization in neuro sciences related to problems in functioning and rehabilitation sciences, according to the strategic vision of the research group REVAL.
You will develop and supervise research projects focused on this topic and contribute to projects of different partners and disciplines.
You will perform research and public services in a regional and international network. You will apply (or collaborate in applications) for external research funds or grants for financing of researchers and infrastructural needs. You will lead a group of investigators.
Community services
You will perform community services within the context of the faculty and conform your academic degree. For example, in the post academic educational program, membership of the Medical Ethical Committee, alumni activities or a mandate in the educational, research or internationalization policy. You are considering serving activities in the region on the bases of your specific expertise or in the field of professional or governing organizations in rehabilitation. The faculty values clinical expertise or vision within the field of rehabilitation sciences. Within your assignment you are willing to search for interaction in the working field for example by playing an active or advisory role within a clinical context.


  • You have a master degree in rehabilitation sciences, movement sciences, medical sciences, psychology, biomedical sciences, biology (or equivalent)
  • You take initiative to participate in community service duties that contribute to the outreach of your own research and teaching.
  • You have a Phd degree and a minimum of 3 years of post doctoral experience.
  • You have a provable insight and experience in the relation between neuro physiology, functioning and rehabilitation. You have noticeable experience in an academical context in education and research.
  • You have a strong academic output in the above academic domain. You have a noticeable contribution to a large amount of A1 publications, which are partly published in Q1 journals. This includes first and last author positions.
  • You have a broad (inter)national network, which can be indicated in for example publications, involvement in consortia and/or committees. You are attentive to international mobility and interactions.
  • You have strong teaching skills which contribute to the quality of the educational program. You preferably have teaching experience in the specific domain and at university level.
  • You have provable and large experience in (obtaining) external grant applications.
  • You have excellent communication and organizational skills.
  • You are a team player and you have a cooperative attitude to contribute to the tasks of the faculty and to work together in an interdisciplinary context and with external partners.
  • Academic staff must meet the statutory language requirements for knowledge of the language of instruction (Dutch). If necessary, Hasselt University offers concrete, tailored support measures to help achieve the required language level.

Based on the qualifications or the candidate UHasselt offers:

  • an appointment as a lecturer in the tenure track system or professor
  • lecturer in the tenure track sytem during 5 years will lead to an immediate permanent contract as a senior lecturer, if the Board of Directors favorably assesses the party involved, based on previously set public grading criteria.
  • a fulltime appointment as a member of the academic staff initiates with a temporary appointment for a period up to 3 years. This will lead to a permanent contract if the Board of Directors favorably assesses the party involved.

Selection procedure
You can only apply online up to and including 08 April 2020.
The selection procedure consists of a preselection based on application file, an interview and a test lesson / presentation.

Further information
Prof. dr. Peter FEYS, +32-11-292123, peter.feys@uhasselt.be
Mevrouw Ann VANDERHEYDEN, +32-11-269044, ann.vanderheyden@uhasselt.be
Prof. dr. Raf MEESEN, +32-11-292124, raf.meesen@uhasselt.be

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