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To strengthen our excellent research team, which is focused on the development and research of innovative approaches for the treatment of childhood cancer, we are looking for a postdoctoral researcher (m/f/d). In this responsible role, you will have the unique opportunity to be part of a multidisciplinary competence center for pediatric oncology, and to have a direct influence on the development of new cancer therapies.

Kaan Boztug, a leading expert in research on immune deficiencies and bone marrow failure syndromes and PI of an ERC Consolidator grant (“iDysChart”), acts as Scientific Director of the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute ( The group works at the interface of inborn immune disorders and inherited predisposition to childhood tumors, aiming to understand fundamental mechanisms of immune surveillance relevant to pediatric oncology and immunotherapy approaches. In close collaboration with several other groups at the institute and the St. Anna Children’s Hospital next door, they aim to translate the molecular understanding of childhood cancer (predisposition) to specific pathway modulations for the identification of targeted treatment approaches for pediatric cancer patients.

The successful candidate would join one of the following projects:

Project 1: Deciphering the molecular basis of autoimmunity and autoinflammation

The central challenge for the human immune system is the efficient recognition of and protection against foreign antigen. Disorders in the protection system can lead to autoimmunity and/or autoinflammation, as observed in many diseases. Previous studies of inborn immune defects have enabled discovery of novel disease entities and key biological mechanisms of immune homeostasis (e.g. Salzer et al Nat Immunol 2016; Ozen et al NEJM 2017; Somekh et al Blood 2019; Serwas et al Nat Commun 2019; Ghosh et al Blood 2020; Salzer et al Science Immunol 2020).

The project will investigate the key mechanisms of new monogenic defects causing immunodeficiency with predominant autoimmunity/autoinflammation, including network approaches, detailed dissection of disease mechanisms, and  chemical and genetic screens to complement human disease gene discovery and investigating potential routes for therapeutic modulation.

Project 2: Identifying and understanding inherited bone marrow failure syndromes including ribosomopathies

Ribosomopathies are a group of rare diseases characterized by an impaired synthesis or function of ribosomes, caused by inherited genetic mutations. These diseases result in a failure of the bone marrow to properly produce blood cells. As part of a European consortium (RiboEurope), and building on prior experience with other bone marrow failure syndromes including congenital neutropenia (Boztug et al NEJM 2009; Boztug et al Nat Genet 2014), the group of Kaan Boztug studies known and novel genetic defects causing Diamond-Blackfan anemia (DBA) and related disorders, which are characterized by an elevated risk of progression to malignant disease (e.g. acute myeloid leukemia, AML).

As a Postdoc, you will

·        Pursue meaningful research at the highest level in an inspiring and international working environment

·        Be part of the next generation of scientist who shape the future of medicine

·        Collaborate with scientists and physicians within the CCRI, the St. Anna Children’s Hospital, and neighboring institutions

·        Contribute to the supervision of junior group members

Your profile

·        PhD (respectively DVM/MD or equivalent) in a relevant life sciences subject

·        Strong background in immunology, genetics, medicine, network biology or molecular biology

·        At least one first-author publication in a leading, international peer-reviewed scientific journal (IF>10)

·        Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English (German not required)

·        Proactive and independent thinker

·        Enthusiasm, self-motivation, creativity, and a proactive approach to solving problems and developing new ideas

·        Connect different scientific disciplines and think outside the box

Our offer

·      A meaningful, inspiring, and international environment

·      An outstanding working atmosphere in a strong team with excellent research and development opportunities

·      Access to state-of-the-art infrastructure

·      Flexible working hours, discounted lunch in our canteen and other great benefits

·      Great location in the center of Vienna, a capital of biomedical research in Europe with excellent quality of life

·      A fair and attractive salary package according to salary scheme of the Austrian Science Fund FWF (

Job Features

Job CategoryEnseignement et recherche scientifique

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