Important: Germany offers a 6-month job search visa from January 01, 2020.

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If you have not yet found a job in Germany, you can come to Germany thanks to a job search visa (Visum zur Arbeitsplatzsuche) of a maximum duration of six months to look for work there if the following conditions apply to you:

  • You hold a higher education qualification recognized in Germany or comparable to a German higher education qualification. To find out how this comparability with a German higher education diploma is verified, you can consult our section “Foreign academic diplomas”.
  • You have enough money to cover your living expenses for the duration of your stay, as you are not allowed to work during this period. You can get more information from the German Embassy you report to.

It is a policy adopted by the German authorities to attract foreign labor due to the recording of a deficit in many sectors in Germany, in particular in the health sector and construction, where these two sectors suffer from a serious shortage of labor.

This visa does not require a frozen bank account, but the person concerned is required to open a regular bank account in his country of origin with a deposit of at least 4,500 €.

Recognition of the certificate
Before applying for this type of visa, you need to make sure that something very important is to make sure that the certificate that you have is recognized in Germany via this site: here

If you notice that a certificate that you have is not recognized, you must check the certificate obtained via this site: here

The confession is free via the website we mentioned and does not require you to prove the level in German.

If your certificate is accepted, you can get a work permit and apply for a job search visa in Germany.

The equivalence process is carried out via the central office for the reception and equivalence of foreign certificates in Germany: here

Duration of the equation
The duration of the equation lasts from three (03) to (06) months, during which certain costs are paid, and this, if the equation is accepted.

The person concerned submits the acceptance document in the visa file, in case of refusal, either because you obtain recognition of your certificate and then a temporary work permit, or that you cannot apply for this type of visa due the type of certificate you have.

For rejected applicants, they must go to Germany on a study visa and take the equivalency exam in Germany.

It is after having prepared it and obtained a Telc B2 certificate at least from the party concerned.

What is the Telc Deutsch test?
Telc is an organization which deals with the development of language programs in Europe and a test for ten European languages ​​and is one of the partners of the German government

Telc tests are based on the common language reference clause introduced by the European Union in 2001.

To look for work with this type of visa (job search visa) of a maximum duration of six months, the sense must meet the conditions of the crisis in order to obtain it.
If Sense finds a position after obtaining this type of visa, a residence permit is granted to one who is authorized to work without forcing him to return to his country to complete the process.

Conditions for applying for this type of visa
– Certificate of proof of third level in German language at least A1

– A regular bank account statement in the country of interest with a deposit of € 4,500.

– Proof of conducting an interview with the company or correspondence by e-mail (print these proofs and attach them to the visa file)

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In the event of obtaining the visa
You must obtain an employment contract within six (06) months.

After that, you can renew your residence in exchange for visas with a worker’s residence permit without returning to your country.

If you are unable to obtain an employment contract with German companies within 06 months, you must immediately return to your country of origin, otherwise you will be considered an illegal resident.

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