Ireland offers $90,000 to foreigners to populate its islands

Posted 3 months ago

In a bid to revitalize its abandoned islands, Ireland has launched an initiative offering a conditional financial grant of $90,000 to anyone willing to settle on one of these islands. This announcement generated a lot of attention and interaction on social networks.

Ireland, a country located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, close to the United Kingdom, is home to more than 20 peaceful islands, which are sometimes used by the film industry for filming historical or fictional films. , due to their fertile landscapes. Some of these islands have only two inhabitants, while others have up to 700.

The Irish government wants to bring these deserted islands back to life by launching a rehabilitation project over a 10-year period. To encourage people to settle, a $90,000 grant is offered to those who meet certain conditions.

These conditions include the purchase of a house that has been abandoned for at least two years on one of the islands, provided that it was built before 2007. In addition to proving ownership of the house, beneficiaries must renovate it and convert it to live in or rent it out in order to benefit from the subsidy.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the undeniable attractions of these islands, such as tranquility and natural beauty, there are significant downsides to consider. Among these are the lack of job opportunities, scarcity of health and education services, poor internal transport network and limited internet connectivity.

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