Örebro University and the School of Medical Sciences are offering one PhD position in Medical Sciences with specialization in biomedicine

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Project description

The research project will be performed within the research environment Cardiovascular Research Centre (CVRC), which is an active research environment conducting translational research within the field of cardiovascular research area. The CVRC research environment was founded in 2013 at Örebro University and is a platform for research about molecular vessel biology, systemic inflammation at cardiovascular diseases and thrombosis research in close collaboration with local, national and international partners and private companies.

The overarching aim for the project is to increase the knowledge about novel drug candidates in cardiovascular diseases and breast cancer, since they share some molecular disease mechanisms. In collaboration with Swedish academic and business partners, we aim to investigate small molecules, recombinant proteins and other biological drug candidates against inflammation in models for cardiovascular diseases and breast cancer. The work includes work with clinical material, blood samples and cell cultures.

The successful candidate should have documented practical experience from immunological and molecular biological methods, such as isolation of nucleic acids and proteins, ELISA, Western blot, immunohistochemistry and real time PCR. Experience from cell culturing and basic knowledge in statistics are merits. It is also a central ability to plan and disclose results, having a structured way working and ability to communicate in written and oral context. Fluent spoken and written command of English is essential.

The candidate should be able to work independently, and we are looking for a careful, determined and quality-minded person. It is also important that the candidate can independently solve problems and has critical analytical abilities. It is also important with personal qualities, with a kind manner and ability to cooperate with a flexible approach.

The candidate will be supervised by Associate Professor Karin H Franzén (main supervisor) and Professor Magnus Grenegård (co-supervisor) and Dr Anna Göthlin Eremo (co-supervisor).

The programme and the doctoral studentship

The doctoral programme consists of courses and an independent research project that you will present in a licentiate thesis. The programme concludes with a licentiate degree which comprises of 120 credits, which corresponds to two years of full-time study. The education may be prolonged to doctoral exam if the financing can be assured.

Our ambition is for your doctoral studies to be stimulating and purposeful throughout the programme until you have obtained your licentiate or doctoral degree. A thorough introduction will therefore get you off to a good start and provide a solid foundation on which you can build your studies. As a doctoral student at Örebro University, you will be offered a specially tailored seminar series, covering matters ranging from doctoral programme rules and careers to support during the study period and networking.

The doctoral studentship is a tailored form of employment for students enrolled for full time on a doctoral programme to licentiate degree, which corresponds to two years.

In the employment, it is also possible to include teaching, administration or other research that is not covered by the project with a maximal amount of 20% of full time. In that case, an addition of the corresponding education time and financing will be performed. More information on doctoral studentships, part-time studies and part-time doctoral studentships can be found in the Regulations Handbook. The initial salary for a doctoral studentship is SEK 29 100 a month.

Entry requirements and selection

For admission to doctoral studies, applicants are required to meet both general entry requirements and specific entry requirements. In addition, applicants must be considered in other respects to have the ability required to benefit from the programme. For a full account of the entry requirements, refer to the admissions regulations as well as to annex 2 to the general syllabus for Medical Science.

General entry requirements

A person meets the general entry requirements for third-cycle courses and study programmes if they

  • have been awarded a second-cycle qualification,
  • have satisfied the requirements for courses comprising at least 240 credits of which at least 60 credits were awarded in the second-cycle, or
  • have acquired substantially equivalent knowledge in some other way in Sweden or abroad.

The higher education institution may permit an exemption from the general entry requirements for an individual applicant, if there are special grounds.

Specific entry requirements

A person meets the specific entry requirements for third-cycle courses and study programmes in the subject if they have received a passing grade in courses of at least 90 credits, including an independent project on the advanced course level17 in a main field of study of significance for the relevant specialisation within medical science (see subject description, section 1 in the general syllabus). A person who has acquired substantially corresponding knowledge, in Sweden or abroad, also meets the specific entry requirements.


For more information on the programme and the post, please contact Associate Professor Karin H Franzén karin.h.franzen@oru.se, tel +46-19-301408

At Örebro University, we expect that all employees are open to development and changes, takes responsibility for their work achievements and quality, shows commitment to collaborate and contribute to development and shows respect for others by a constructive and professional approach.

Örebro University actively pursues equal opportunities and gender equality as well as a work environment characterized by openness, trust and respect. We value the qualities that diversity adds to our operations.

Application to the programme and for the doctoral studentship

The application is made online. Click the button “Apply” to begin the application procedure.

For the application to be complete, the following electronic documents must be included:

  • The form Application for/decision on admission to research studies
  • Personal letter
  • CV
  • Certificate on completed higher education courses and study programmes, and if applicable a degree certificate
  • Degree project/independent project
  • Copies of relevant course/degree certificates and references verifying eligibility and criteria met

As a main rule, application documents and attachments are to be written in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, or English. Certificates and documents in other languages verifying your qualifications and experience must be translated by an authorised translator to Swedish or English. A list of authorised translators can be obtained from Kammarkollegiet (the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency), www.kammarkollegiet.se/engelska/start.

When you apply for admission, you automatically also apply for a doctoral studentship.
More information for applicants will be found at out career site:  https://www.oru.se/english/working-at-orebro-university/jobs-and-vacancies/applicants-and-external-experts/

The application deadline is 2022-10-03. We look forward to receiving your application!

We decline any contact with advertisers or recruitment agencies in the recruitment process.

As directed by the National Archives of Sweden (Riksarkivet), we are required to deposit one file copy of the application documents, excluding publications, for a period of two years after the appointment decision has gained legal force.

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