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China Medical University(CMU, located in Shenyang, Liaoning province. It was the first medical school established by the Chinese Communist Party.It was also one of the earliest schools that delivered college education of western medicine in China.

CMU has fostered and educated more than 300 thousand senior medical professionals since its founding. Its graduates are all over China and many other countries and regions, many of whom have become senior leaders in national health management and famous medical experts.

CMU has one National Clinical Medical Research Center, one National-Local Joint Engineering Research Center, three National Drug Clinical Research Bases, one cultivation base of National Key Laboratory jointly built by the Liaoning provincial government and the Mnistry of Science and Technology, three Key Laboratories of the Ministry of Education, six Key Laboratories of National Health Commission.

I. Talents-recruiting Disciplines

1. Basic Medicine

The School of Basic Medicine is founded in 1956. It has a profound history and has pooled a large number of pioneers and educators of Basic Medicine in China.

The discipline is built on the supporting platforms including the National Innovation Institute -Joint Laboratory for Intelligent Procuratorial Service, National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Key Laboratories of the Ministry of Education.

The discipline has formed five research directions namely tumor pathogenesis and prevention strategy, oxidative stress and aging related diseases, infectious diseases and anti-infection immune, central nerve trauma repair and anxiety and memory disorders, soft tissue damage and stem cell repair.

2. Biology

The discipline of Biology include Key Laboratory of Medical Cell Biology of the Ministry of Education, Key Laboratory of Reproductive Health and Genetics Medicine and Key Laboratory of Child Congenital Malformation of the National Health Commission.

The main research directions as following:Regulation of gene expression network in life activities,Genetic basis of reproductive development and birth defects,Neurovascular biology and central nervous system diseases,Tumor biology,New biomedical detection technology.

3. Clinical Medicine

The discipline of Clinical Medicine has founded for 90 years, upholding the university motto of “firm in political stance, outstanding in technical skills”.CMU has been carrying forward the spirit of “heal the wounded, rescue the dying and conduct revolutionary humanitarianism” and cultivated 17 academicians including Prof. Chen Hongduo and a large number of famous health experts and scholars, who have made outstanding contributions to China’s medical and healthcare services.

Based on 5 affiliated hospitals, it has 5 national key disciplines (including 1 in cultivation), 32 national key clinical specialties, 9 specialties entering top 10 of China hospital rankings released by Fudan University’s Hospital Management Institute, with the Specialty of Laboratory ranking No. 1 for six consecutive years.

The discipline directions mainly include researches on : pathogenesis and new technologies of prevention and treatment of major infectious diseases such as AIDS, pathogenesis and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment strategies of major chronic diseases such as tumor, precision diagnosis and treatment, and translational research of immune dermatosis, thyroid diseases, etc, new surgical and multimodal image diagnostic technology, new strategies of prevention and control, diagnosis and treatment of women and children diseases and reproductive health.

4. Stomatology

The education of stomatology in China Medical University began in 1948. For now, it has developed into a tertiary Class-A specialized hospital in stomatology with a construction area of 53,000 square meters consisting of three campuses, 19 clinical departments and a digital, comfortable and multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment center. The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and the Department of Periodontology are National Key Clinical Specialties.

With an integration of teaching resources from basic oral medicine and oral clinical medicine, through interdisciplinary collaboration, the discipline has formed four orientations, including oral deformity, defect, inflammation and oral cancer.

5. Public Health and Preventive Medicine

The discipline of public health and preventive medicine is the key first-class discipline in Liaoning Province.With the guiding principle of “seeking truth through morality, Seeking truth through action, and Seeking truth through innovation”, the discipline has been making continued achievements. It focuses on the occurrence mechanism and prevention strategies and methods of major diseases related to environmental and occupational exposure and has formed advantageous features in research directions including endemic arsenic poisoning, environmental oxidative stress and metabolic diseases, priority control of pollutants and nerve damage, reaching the domestic leading level, and with a certain international influence.

Relying on national key disciplines and provincial key laboratories, this discipline encompasses four main research directions namely: prevention and control of major diseases and health management, prevention and control of occupational lung diseases and occupational poisoning, prevention and control of environmental stress and metabolic diseases, and prevention and control of geochemical diseases.

6. Pharmacy

Clinical pharmacy is a national first-class undergraduate major. Pharmaceutical preparation is a Sino-foreign cooperative education major (provincial first-class major). Major scientific and technological platforms include Demonstration Base of Innovative Talents Training of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Key Technology Platform of the Biomedical Industry and key laboratories, etc.

The pharmacy is currently focused on five research directions:specific genome-defined polypeptide activity of model organisms and targeted new drugs,innovative drug design and synthesis based on the correlation of drug structure effect and toxic-efficiency, precision medicine and evaluation system based on clinical rational drug use combined with genetic testing,Identification and Regulation Network based on “Multi-omics-Microenvironment”.

7. Nursing

The School of Nursing was founded in 1985 which was one of the earliest universities to resume higher education in nursing in China.

Drawing on strong discipline resources of the university and the clinical schools, the discipline of nursing highlights the cultivation of humanistic quality and practical ability of high-level nursing professionals. With the help of national and provincial nursing training centers and scientific research project platforms, the discipline cultivates specialized nursing professionals for the whole country.

II. High-level talents requirements and benefits

1. Elite talents

Basic requirements: Top-notch experts and scholars who have made systematic and creative achievements and significant contributions in the field of science and technology. Benefits: An annual salary of no less than RMB 2 million, a start-up research fund of RMB 20 million each year for five consecutive years, a housing allowance of no less than RMB 2 million, a settling-in allowance of no less than RMB 1.5 million, and assistance to spouse and children on work or schooling.Shenyang government will also preferentially choose to subsidize up to 5 million yuan reward, “one person one discussion” to solve the problem of the first house purchase.

2. Leading talents

Basic requirements: Scholars preferably under the age of 55 with high academic attainments, whose academic level are in a leading position globally in the area of interest, and who have achieved internationally recognized major achievements.

Benefits: An annual salary of RMB 0.8-1.2 million, a supporting research fund of RMB 8-10 million, a settling-in allowance of RMB 0.8-1 million, a comfortable apartment of 130-160 square meters, and assistance to spouse and children on work or schooling.Shenyang government will also preferentially choose to provide a subsidy of up to 2.5 million yuan and 1.5 million yuan for the first house purchase.

3. Young top-notch talents

Basic requirements: Scholars preferably under the age of 45 (the age limit may be eased as appropriate for outstanding talents) who have published papers of influence in major series of top-level journals, with high academic attainments and outstanding achievements in the area of interest.

Benefits: An annual salary of RMB 0.4-0.6 million, a startup research fund of RMB 3-5 million, a settling-in allowance of RMB 0.3-0.5 million, a comfortable apartment of 100-130 square meters, and assistance to spouse and children on work or schooling. Shenyang government will also preferentially choose to provide a subsidy of up to 0.5 million yuan and 1 million yuan for the first house purchase.

4. Young backbone talents

Basic requirements: Scholars preferably under the age of 40 who are able to grasp the development frontiers of the discipline and have achieved certain academic achievements, have the ability to apply for and host international collaboration or national research projects.

Benefits: Corresponding salary and welfare are provided to young backbone scholars according to their positions; a supporting research fund of RMB 0.3-0.6 million, a housing allowance of RMB 0.1-0.3 million and a settling-in allowance of RMB 0.1-0.2 million.

China Medical University is now facing unprecedented development opportunities. With our high-quality research platform, outstanding team support, comfortable living environment and broad development prospects, all faculty and students are determined to work together and commit to building a research-intensive and internationalized first-class domestic medical university with special features and worldwide reputation. If you would like to join us, please send your CV and supporting materials of achievements to us and our professional team will be in contact with you. We sincerely welcome you to join China Medical University and seek common development for a brighter future!

Please send your detailed academic CV, representative works (3 pieces or more) and other materials that can represent your academic accomplishment to:

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