PhD – Implementation of Spectral Beam Splitters in Agricultural Greenhouse Designs to Improve Sustainability, Energy Utilization, and Crop Yields

Posted 2 months ago

To achieve the current set of mandated renewable energy targets, the architecture of agricultural
infrastructure such as greenhouses will need to become more sustainable and energy resilient. A
key barrier preventing this transition is the low energy wavelength utilisation in the current greenhouse designs. Thus, a large proportion of the solar energy available for conversion remains inefficiently utilised and/or contributes to the unwanted production of elevated operating temperatures. Nanofluids, acting as spectral beam splitters (SBSs) can address these demands as they can be readily integrated into the cladding of existing agricultural greenhouses where they can function to partition the solar irradiance into its photosynthetic and heat-active spectral components. This partitioning can allow for better thermal management, increased photosynthetic response from crops, and thermal power generation by the modified greenhouse architecture. In this project, for the first time, the principles of plasmonic-enhanced luminescent down-shifting (PLDS) and nanofluids (NFs) will be combined into a single unique NF-based SBS which will be designed and tested for agricultural greenhouse applications. The energy utilisation and crop growth potential of the proposed SBS designs will be assessed by constructing a demonstrative model of the SBS-fitted greenhouse which will be evaluated under standardised testing conditions.

What is funded

Funding Agency

TU Dublin

Student Stipend per annum €19000

Materials & Travel Budget per annum €2600

Fees covered by the funding per annum €All fees and costs are paid by TU Dublin

Duration of Funding 48 months


48 Months


2.1 Hons Level 8 degree in Physics, Material Science, Horticulture or related discipline

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Supervisors James Walshe & George Amarande

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