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The Raman Research Institute is a premier research Institution founded by Nobel Laureate Sir C V Raman. The Institute has a rich heritage and conducts cutting edge research in frontier areas of Physics under contemporary research themes.

The Institute is undertaking a major recruitment drive and welcomes applications for regular faculty appointments. There are 14 vacancies in total with multiple vacancies at the Assistant and Associate Professor level.

A Ph.D. degree in Physics or in a relevant field is a minimum requirement. Assistant Professor requires a minimum of Three years of post- doctoral experience, while Associate Professor requires a minimum of Six years of post- doctoral experience.

Astronomy and Astrophysics:

Under the Astronomy and Astrophysics theme applications will be considered from candidates pursuing a wide range of astrophysical topics from theory, observation, and instrumentation. Successful candidates will be expected to lead a robust research/development programme, and participate in the department’s teaching responsibilities. RRI is a part of Joint Astronomy Programme, run jointly by a number of related institutes. Applicants planning instrument developments will have access to resources in the RRI radio astronomy laboratory (which has an active role in making digital receivers for SKA1-Low and pulsar search engines), and an X-ray astronomy laboratory (which has designed and is building an X-ray polarimeter to be launched by ISRO).

Light and Matter Physics:

Under the Light and Matter Physics (LAMP) theme, frontline research work is being carried out in the following areas:

• Ultra-cold Atoms, Molecules and Ions

• Precision Atom-Light interaction and Spectroscopy

• Quantum Optics and Quantum logic

• Quantum Communications and Quantum Information Science

• Nonlinear Optics and Ultrafast Phenomena

• Intense Laser-Matter Interactions

• Cavity QED

The LAMP theme particularly, but not exclusively, seeks candidates with experience in Quantum Enabled Technologies. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply.

Soft Condensed Matter:

One of the primary research themes at the Raman Research Institute is Soft Condensed Matter (SCM). Current research areas under the broad SCM theme at the institute includes the study of topological structures and phase behavior of liquid crystals, non-equilibrium flows and pattern formation in suspensions, jamming in colloidal suspensions, mechanical properties of living cells, and physics of DNA-protein interactions.

We have multiple vacancies for eligible candidates who can bring in research expertise in the following areas: liquid crystals: nanocomposites and photonics, macromolecular self-assembly, novel colloidal systems, polymeric systems, smart and adaptive soft materials, active matter, granular matter, biophysics: in-vitro systems, membrane biophysics, physics of DNA, theoretical investigations of soft matter and biological systems. However, candidates capable of bringing new expertise beyond these research areas are also encouraged to apply.

Theoretical Physics:

In the theoretical physics theme at RRI we are interested in candidates with an established record of independent research and with a strong grounding in

(1) general relativity, working in any areas of Classical and Quantum Gravity including Gravitational waves, Mathematical and Numerical Relativity, Quantum Fields in Curved Spacetime and different approaches to Quantum Gravity. Members of the Theory theme working in Classical and Quantum Gravity are Sumati Surya and Madhavan Varadarajan.

(2) statistical physics, condensed matter and related areas.

Applications with an established record of independent research will be preferred. While the Institute is interested in candidates with a strong background in the above research areas, additional research interests contributing to breadth would be most welcome.

Regular research staff of the Institute is expected to primarily engage in independent research in basic science and, additionally, participate in activities that promote the academic environment of the Institute.

The Raman Research Institute values interactions: collaborations with colleagues, collaborations with researchers in other institutions in India and overseas, and participation in the academic activities of the Institute are encouraged. Opportunities exist for supervision of short-term visiting students as well as Ph.D. students. Opportunities exist for proposing new experiments, the setting up of research laboratories, and participation in the many ongoing experimental and mega frontier international research collaboration and efforts. The salary would depend on experience and current status. Financial assistance towards relocation will be provided as per norms.

To apply, please send the following to

(a) Curriculum Vitae.

(b) List of Publications mentioning your 5 best publications.

© Resume detailing previous research activities.

(d) Statement containing future research plans and.

(e) Three letters of reference from people familiar with your work.

The letters of reference should reach us within three weeks from the date of application. It is advised that applicants familiarize themselves with the current research activities at the Institute, including experimental endeavors, while formulating their application.

We prefer to receive applications and supporting letters in soft copy. The preferred format is PDF files. To avoid confusion all application files should be attached to a single email message.

For more details visit

To know more about the Institute and its research areas, please visit

Please apply via recruiter’s website.

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