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The Higher School of Economics International Policy and Innovation Impact Laboratory in Moscow, Russia, invites applications for postdoctoral research positions in the field of education / economics / sociology.

We are looking for a specialist with an academic background in economics or sociology and with passion for qualitative or quantitative research. We welcome candidates with strong analytical skills, especially those that have worked with STATA and R.

All Laboratory research fellows have an amazing opportunity to carry out research in the field of educational policy and publish obtained results in highly recognized international journals, to participate in international meetings and workshops, and to teach courses at the Institute of Education master programs.

The Laboratory is a friendly team of devoted scholars who provide a basis for evidence-based education policy in Russia and other countries. In doing so, the Laboratory widely collaborates with third-party organizations (governments, corporations, non-profits, research institutes) to evaluate its innovative products (for example in EdTech). We also work with international studies data such as TIMSS, PISA, PIRLS, ICILS to learn from schooling policies and teachers’ practices in other countries.

Our research partners include Stanford’s Center for Education Policy Analysis, Harvard’s Center for Education Policy Research, and the Center for Benefit-Cost Studies of Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. In our study, we are focused on high-quality large-scale survey data collection as well as large-scale policy and program impact evaluation studies (e.g. experimental and quasi-experimental studies).

The role of the Laboratory is to help decision-makers in education to improve and equalize students’ educational outcomes.

About HSE University

The Higher School of Economics (HSE University) is a young, dynamic and fast-growing Russian research university. Over the past 25 years, HSE University has become a leader in Russian education, while also being recognized globally.

For instance, we were the first state-run university in Russia to begin recruiting on the international academic market. We aim at being a university with a highly attuned approach to training new professionals. Therefore, we are eager to hire people with real experience, as well as basic and applied knowledge. Committed to high-quality research, HSE University now has more than 100 research institutes and centers and over 30 international research laboratories collaborating with international specialists from all over the world.


The general requirements for the postdoctoral fellowship positions are the following:

  • Candidates must hold a recent PhD in the field of economics or sociology or related areas which was awarded over the last 5 years or received before starting work at HSE in a relevant field by an internationally recognized university and has been assessed by external reviewers as having the potential to pursue research that is publishable in leading peer-reviewed journals;
  • Candidates should have a strong background in economics or sociology and with passion for qualitative or quantitative research, ability to work in team
  • Fluent English is an obligatory condition as research and other activities are conducted in English. Knowledge of Russian is not required;
  • Relevant experience will be an asset although not required.

The position involves:

  • working under the direct supervision of Professor Prashant Loyalka, Laboratory Director, PhD;
  • participants are encouraged to pursue their own research along with working on Laboratory’s research projects such as:
    • How can we cost-effectively integrate education technology or EdTech into students’ lives? As part of this, we will examine the potential impacts that a host of EdTech tools (e.g. computer assistant learning, dual-teacher long-distance learning platforms, AI-assisted intelligent tutors, online courses (MOOCs), and the like) can have on students’ cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes. We will need to analyze the role of EdTech at different stages of integration: from the short-term in which EdTech is new to students, parents, and teachers to the long-term in which students, parents, and teachers are used to the EdTech. We will also study the role of EdTech at various ages and levels of education (from primary to high school to college).
    • Are we getting students ready for the new global economy and digital age? As a complement to evaluating the use of EdTech in students’ lives, the Laboratory will also focus its attention on evaluating programs and policies which can help students become digitally literate, acquire technical skills, and build modern skills they will need in the future economy. We will continue studying heterogeneity of these effects for students of different social class, gender, and ability level to see how these types of policies and programs affect inequality in educational outcomes.
  • writing research papers for international peer-reviewed journals in co-authorship with the members of Laboratory;
  • participation in the events of the Laboratory and other contribution to the Lab’s development;
  • public presentations of candidate’s own research to the academic community;
  • some teaching is encouraged, though not required.


Appointments are normally made for one year. Postdoctoral fellows have an opportunity of renewal of the contract (no more than two times).

HSE University offers postdoctoral fellows a competitive salary, the standard medical insurance plan, a working space equipped with a computer and free Internet access at the University.

The Laboratory offers access to its databases and analytical software, as well as options for collecting additional data if necessary for research

Application Process

Applications must be submitted online. Please provide a CVa statement of research interest and a recent research paper submitted via an online application form. At least two letters of recommendation should be sent directly to the International Faculty Recruitment Office at before the application deadline. Please note that direct applications to the hiring International Policy and Innovation Impact Laboratory may not be reviewed.

Read more about the application process here.

The deadline for the applications is February 9, 2020.

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