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Maria de Sousa PhD Research Grants – 2022 SEAGULL – Seeking Epidemiological and Virological Answers

The contest for the attribution of Research Grants for PhD Maria de Sousa – 2022 SEAGULL – Seeking Epidemiological and Virological Answers is oriented towards obtaining new knowledge that will allow the creation of competences for responses to virological phenomena, including pandemics, and that will translate into in efficient prevention measures, better health care and effective support for citizens.

The competition will include applications in any scientific area that contribute to the following objectives and areas of knowledge:

  1. Epidemiology and risk factors for severe virus infection and disease;
  2. Human-animal interaction, mechanisms of resistance and interspecies transmission of viruses, and risk of pandemics;
  3. Strategies for prevention and preparedness for new epidemics of virological origin, including vaccines;
  4. Innovative approaches, including new methods and new technologies, for diagnosing virological diseases;
  5. Characterization of viral infection mechanisms;
  6. Characterization of the host response, cellular immunological and serological, to virus infection, impact of age and comorbidities;
  7. Development of new therapies and new therapeutic approaches, including life support and personal protection equipment to combat virological diseases;
  8. Repercussions of viral infection on maternal and newborn health;
  9. Psychological impact and behavioral changes associated with epidemics or pandemics of virological origin.

Recipients and Eligibility

Within the scope of the Contest for the attribution of Research Grants for PhD Maria de Sousa – 2022 , 50 research grants for PhD will be awarded to finance the realization, by the grantee, of research activities leading to the obtaining of the academic degree of doctor that fall within the scope of the within the scope of the competition and contribute to its objectives.

Research activities may be carried out in any environment of production and dissemination of knowledge, national or international.

The work plan may take place in full or in part in a national institution (scholarship in the country or mixed scholarship , respectively), or take place entirely in a foreign institution (scholarship abroad ); in the latter case, it will be necessary to clearly explain the reasons why the scholarship should take place exclusively abroad. In the case of a mixed scholarship, the period of the work plan that takes place in a foreign institution cannot exceed 24 months.

National citizens, citizens of other member states of the European Union, citizens of third states, stateless persons or citizens benefiting from the status of political refugee may apply.

To compete you must:

  • Permanently and habitually reside in Portugal, if the work plan of the requested scholarship takes place, in whole or in part, in foreign institutions (mixed scholarships or abroad), a requirement applicable to both national and foreign citizens.
  • Not having benefited from a research grant for a PhD or a PhD in companies directly financed by the FCT, regardless of its duration.
  • Not hold a doctoral degree.


Selected candidates receive monthly maintenance allowances in accordance with the amounts set in the Regulation and other scholarship supplements, such as tuition fees, support for complementary training activities or presentation of work at scientific meetings, personal accident insurance and, when applicable, allowances installation and travel.

The duration of the scholarships is, as a rule, annual, renewable up to the maximum number of months requested in the application, and the scholarship cannot be awarded for a period of less than 3 consecutive months or more than 48 months.

how to compete

Applications are submitted electronically, using the form available, as of September 1, 2022 , on the MyFCT portal . Each candidate may submit only one application to the competition.

Before submitting an application, it is recommended that you read the following documents: Opening Notice , Annex I to the Opening Notice (Assessment Guide) , Application Guide (to be made available at the time of the opening of the competition), Research Fellowship Statute and Regulation of FCT Research Grants.


Applications are evaluated by an evaluation panel involving experts of scientific merit and recognized experience. Applications are scored from zero (0,000 minimum rating) to five (5,000 maximum rating) on ​​three evaluation criteria:

  1. candidate’s merit;
  2. merit of the work plan;
  3. merit of the reception conditions.

The three evaluation criteria will have a weighting of 40%, 40% and 20%, respectively.

The candidate’s merit is evaluated based on two sub-criteria: academic background, with a weighting of 50%, and personal curriculum, also with a weighting of 50%.

Appraisal of the candidate’s personal curriculum is carried out in an integrated manner, based on a global view of the merits of his/her scientific and professional career.

The assessment of the work plan and reception conditions is based on the qualitative assessment of the panel, duly substantiated.

Applications will be ranked according to the weighted average rating in the three criteria.

No information contained in this page replaces or supersedes what is stipulated in the Regulation , in the Notice of Opening of the Contest and in the Evaluation and Application Guidelines applicable to the Contest.

Important deadlines and dates

The contest is open between the 1st of September and 17:00 (Lisbon time) on the 29th of September 2022 .


For questions related to the application and the respective form, during the competition period, you should contact us at .

To clarify doubts about the creation and management of CVs, the CIÊNCIA VITAE platform has a helpdesk that you can access through the address: .



  • Submission of applications September 1 to September 29, 2022 , 5:00 pm (Lisbon time).


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