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Very good site that allows you to earn more money

ySense is the new name for ClixSense. It is a multi-remuneration site which allows you to earn money by answering surveys for example.

Indeed, this site allows you to earn money through:

– paid surveys (from $ 0.75 to $ 4 per survey)
– free offers (including also paid surveys) present in the many offerwalls offered:
ClixOffers,, TrialPay, SuperRewards, TokenAds, OfferToro, Adscend, WannAds…
Note: each offer allows you to earn $ 0.4, $ 0.5, $ 0.75, …
– CrowdFlower tasks (take advantage when you see them, because they do not stay long)
– daily bonus
– super sponsorship
– tests products
– and so on.

You can earn around $ 50 per month with ySense by following the article “How to earn $ 50 per month with Clixsense?” Found in the “Articles” tab above.

What exactly is the idea?

ySense is in English but, to register and create a user account it’s very simple! You fill in the small form and click on “Join now”. Then you need to fill in some information about yourself so that the site determines your consumer profile.

Once registered, log into your member area by following the link in your confirmation email to access the missions. You will also receive invitation emails to participate in the available surveys.

Note, however, that ySense only allows one account per household. And if you live on Reunion Island, choose “France” when registering.

What to do to have cash on this site?


YSense online surveys are very easy to complete! First of all, you must complete your profile. To do this, from the “Surveys” menu click on “Surveys Profile” to answer 20 or even 25 questions. This step will specify your consumer panel in order to receive the surveys and polls that correspond to you.

Then to participate in a survey and start earning money quickly nothing could be easier! You choose one of the survey links made available to you by the site (on the polls page) and click on “Start”.

Regarding the remuneration for surveys, it is between $ 0.10 and $ 5. And for the duration, count between 5 to 30 minutes. However, you must imperatively confirm the validation of all your answers otherwise you risk losing your money (and your time).

Surveys are just a taste!


Getting paid on the internet for accomplishing small missions or very easy tasks, it can be cool, right? This is exactly what ySense offers you! You receive instructions for a specific mission to perform in order to be paid. Several tasks are offered each day by Figure Eight and it’s up to you. You will find the tasks in the “Show potential job” section. Among these tasks, you will for example lead to validate products, do online research (on a specific site) or transcribe data, etc.

The remuneration of a task varies according to its difficulty and it brings you between a few cents to a few dollars. And if you complete tasks for a total of $ 50, ySense offers you a bonus of $ 5.

The offers

These are small missions to carry out and in return, you earn money. You choose the mission that interests you in order to accomplish it. The different offers can be found in the sections: Peanut Labs, ySenses offers, KiwiWall, Adsend, TrialPay, AdGate, Wannads, Coupons, Adgate,, or OfferToro. Among these offers, you must for example:

– Perform search online (on Google).
– Watch videos.
– Download applications.
– Classify documents.
– Test new services.
– Answer quizzes.
– Sort images.

Regarding the remuneration of the offers, for each validated mission you earn Ycents (virtual currency of ySense). Know that 1 YCent = $ 0.01 so to earn $ 1 (one US dollar) you just need 100 Ycents.

How to make more money on ySense ?

The Daily Checklist Bonus

This table allows you to consult and control all your activities on ySense on a daily basis. The more engaged you are, the more you will be rewarded! As a result, you have the possibility of receiving a bonus which can reach 16% of your earnings. And to get this bonus, the site gives you the choice between several missions to complete in 3 days. So, you must:

– Either finish at least 10 tasks.
– Or complete at least 2 surveys or 2 offers.
– Either perform at least 5 tasks for the company Figure Eight + a survey or an offer.

The amount of your bonus is calculated based on your total earnings from surveys, offers and tasks. In other words, only your motivation will determine the amount of bonus you can earn!

Additional bonuses + games & contests

Activity Extra Bonus

This is an additional bonus that you can earn by validating the daily checklist for three days in a row. This bonus is automatically reset as soon as you miss a day.

ySense Addon Extra Bonus

The ySense Addon extension (for Google Chrome and Firefox) gives you the possibility of directly monitoring your earnings. But also, to quickly know the number of advertisements and surveys available. By installing this extension, it also allows you to earn an additional 2% with the daily check bonus.


Tasks Weekly Contest: The site offers a weekly task contest to reward the top 10 members. Each week, the 10 winners share the sum of $ 100. Contest entries are not limited.

ySense Games: The games available on ySense are only for your entertainment and do not entitle you to any remuneration.

Premium account

Although this site promises to make a lot of money, becoming a Premium member on ySense is not a good plan! Far from a scam, this status is not at all profitable especially if you do not have a large number of referrals.

Earnings and Payments

On ySense, your remuneration will depend on your activities (and your sponsorships too). Every day, you will find offers and surveys that can earn you $ 60 per month (on average). And if you are motivated and want to earn money quickly, you will easily have between $ 3 and $ 6 per day. On the other hand, you must answer a certain number of surveys and carry out several missions!

ySense provides you with numerous means of payment: Bank checks / Skrill / Payoneer / Neteller / Paytoo / Payza / Tango Card / Western Union / LBC / Palawan Express, etc….

Obviously, you really have a choice! Regarding the payment threshold to reach to recover your winnings, it is $ 10. And for the payment period, it is between 3 and 11 days.


The site has set up a good sponsorship system to increase your earnings faster. And your referrals on ySense can make you a lot of money! If someone signs up through your referral link, you automatically earn $ 0.10. Then, as soon as one of your referrals earns $ 5 you receive $ 2 on your account.

And in addition, the site has an affiliate program and you receive additional compensation in the form of a commission. Suddenly, you regularly receive a percentage on the earnings of your referrals. This commission varies according to the number of your referrals and their activities. Thus, for each mission carried out by one of your referrals (paid surveys, offers in offerwalls and different tasks), you earn:

– 20% commission on the earnings of each referral (all your referrals active during the month).
– 25% commission on the earnings of each referral (if you have more than 100 active referrals).
– 30% commission on the earnings of each referral (if you have more than 200 active referrals).

You will find your referral link “my affiliate link” in your ySense account. You can copy it to share it everywhere! And you have the possibility to sponsor unlimited (a maximum of people).

Pro’s advice: In order to earn even more money, target surveys with a red flag offered as invitations (or in the router). Panels like Toluna, Opinion World, Persona.Ly, PeanutLabs, Cint, make your kitty climb very quickly.

The 3 advantages of ySense

  • Means of payment.
  • Very profitable site.
  • Sponsorship Program.

The 3 disadvantages of ySense

  • Frequent bugs.
  • No payment by Paypal.
  • Be at least 16 years old.


At first glance, we hope to recover a few cents on ySense but in the end, we earn lots of dollars !! Provided that you devote time to sponsor but especially to participate in paid surveys and other missions.

And although it is in English, this site remains fairly simple to use to easily earn money on the internet. On the other hand, there are sometimes bugs on ySense and certain surveys are not validated.

That said, this site is on the whole very serious and will allow you to generate additional income in just a few minutes per day (between $ 50 and $ 100 per month). Now without a doubt, you know everything about  ySense  !

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