78-year-old man regains sight with artificial cornea

A fully artificial cornea allowed a 78-year-old man to regain his sight. It was developed by a company and could restore sight to millions of people.
As part of an operation capable of giving hope to many visually impaired people, a 78-year-old man regained his sight with the implantation of an artificial cornea. Called KPro, it is the work of CorNeat Vision Company and was created by Dr Gilad Litvin. Its installation is quick and does not require any donor tissue. The patient immediately recovered his sight as soon as the bandages were removed, and was able to recognize loved ones and read numbers on atable .

The cornea is the transparent region of the eye that surrounds the iris and can be damaged, leading to blindness. It is most often treated with a corneal transplant, or keratoplasty, which requires donation of the cornea. According to a recent study, there is a worldwide shortage with only one cornea available for the 70 needed. There are artificial corneas, but the operation is complex and always relies on tissue donation.

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