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Are you interested in advancing Clean Energy solutions and looking for Postdoctoral opportunities? Do you want to help us in achieving sustainable, secure and affordable energy solutions? Would you like to join us in revolutionising the energy system, industrial energy use or transport? We are now seeking several Postdoctoral Researchers to join our Clean Energy transition!

VTT is one of the leading applied research organisations in Europe. What unites us are curiosity, a passion for learning and a purpose: to solve the biggest challenges of our time and turn them into sustainable growth and well-being. Our cross-disciplinary community of over 2000 brilliant minds is focused on creating impact through science-based innovation. Get to know us further by exploring VTT’s tech & infra

We are looking for more than 10 Postdoctoral Researchers to join us in developing clean and sustainable energy solutions, analysing energy systems, addressing emissions and environmental concerns, and developing innovative technologies and materials for a more sustainable future!

VTT started 2023 a Postdoc programme to develop new ways to support scientific excellence and to strengthen career paths from universities to VTT. We want to provide development opportunities for recent university PhDs in applied research and industry collaboration. As a Postdoctoral Researcher at VTT, you will have the opportunity to focus on scientific work (e.g. publishing, and mentoring junior researchers), and you are able to make an impact on our customers and society. Our researchers work closely together with industry, often in interdisciplinary research groups. VTT has excellent research infrastructure and internal services to support your research work.

We at VTT provide world-class scientific and technological expertise for creating the energy innovations of the future and building clean energy systems. With us, you will have the opportunity to address environmental and energy challenges, striving for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Finland is a frontrunner in many areas of future energy technologies, such as smart electricity networks, green hydrogen, and sustainable mobility. Come and build the future of clean energy with us!

Open positions

We have several open positions in different research areas. If you are interested in joining us, find below information about our current job openings in the Clean Energy related topics, and apply for the positions from the links below. We warmly encourage you to apply if you spot a position that might be suitable for your background and interests!

Smart energy and built environment research area:

Mobility and transport research area:

Postdoctoral Researcher, Non-exhaust emissions of vehicles

Industrial energy and hydrogen research area:

Industrial chemistry research area:

Postdoctoral Researcher, Recovery of Critical Metals for Clean Energy

Postdoctoral Researcher, CO2-based polymers 

Biomaterial processing and products research area:

What we offer you: 

  • Science with an impact. At VTT, we seek to solve large societal challenges and drive a sustainable future through applied research and innovation. With us, you’ll get to work on research projects that make a concrete, positive impact in the world. Read more about our strategy, the path of exponential hope, and our organisational culture as the builder of the world’s most meaningful place to work.
  • Support for your postdoc research. During your postdoctoral term, we offer training in project management, scientific writing, communication, and commercialisation. You’ll have the opportunity collaborate with industry on projects, access our research infrastructure and internal support services, explore interdisciplinary research, and secure funding for your postdoc term. At VTT, you’ll enjoy flexibility and independence in your work, with a blend of academic research and engaging customer projects for an exciting career path.
  • Open culture of innovation. We have 80 years of experience in science-based innovation, a strong international reputation and global networks. We work truly across disciplines, and house all the cutting-edge sciences from quantum computing to synthetic biology under one roof. At VTT, you’ll join a community of over 2200 multidisciplinary experts who foster a culture of trust, openness and sharing knowledge. Collaborating with amazing colleagues is a source of learning, inspiration, and fun.
  • Nordic work–life balance. Working in Finland, the happiest country in the world, enables a great quality of life. At VTT, we make our people’s well-being a strategic priority. We offer 6 weeks paid vacation a year, and our benefits include extended occupational healthcare, and a range well-being services, such as exercise and culture benefits and hobby clubs. Read more about the benefits of living in Finland and VTT’s support for relocation.

Apply now and join our Clean Energy Transition!

More about VTT Clean Energy Transition topics

Working at VTT

Want to know more about what it is like to work at VTT? Check from the video what is the purpose of Rakesh’s work with energy system modelling, Mika’s work with wireless, 5G and 6G technologies and Emma’s work with sustainable supply chains, and what kind of impact their work has!

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