Research assistant for the «Virtual Reality» project (Temporary)

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Psychology and Education Sciences Studies.
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Educational sciences » Other
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We are seeking to recruit a Research Assistant for the project «Virtual Reality for the generation of immersive learning situations in art and creativity» of the Edul@b research group of the University’s Psychology and Education Sciences Studies.

The project «Virtual reality for the generation of immersive learning situations in art and creativity» aims to support educational centers and teachers for the design, development and evaluation of immersive projects that, taking advantage of virtual reality and network collaboration, contribute to the development of a critical look at built space, sensitive to people’s needs and committed to sustainability.


Project objectives:

Promote a process of transformation of educational centers, aligned with the center’s digital strategy, with the support of interdisciplinary immersive projects that focus on art and creativity.

Design prototypes of Virtual Reality (VR) that allow immersion in virtual environments that facilitate the approach to art and the space built in the curricular framework through the creation of immersive learning situations.

Accompany with specific training the development of digital competence to accredit level B (B1 or B2) of the teachers involved in the implementation of the projects in the participating centers.

Encourage critical citizen participation in relation to the architectural and artistic environment through the design and development of interdisciplinary immersive projects.

Generate a collaboration network for the involvement of the educational community, understood in the broadest sense (entities, cultural institutions, educational centers, researchers, etc.) in the digital transformation process of the centers.

Evaluate the project process and results.

Disseminate the products of the project (especially the immersive situations created by the students) and the results of the research associated with the process.



Coordination of the research group with cultural entities and educational institutions

Face-to-face and online support in schools for the design and implementation of projects

Stimulation of the network between all members of the group


Research Field
Educational sciences » Education
Education Level
Bachelor Degree or equivalent
Specific Requirements

Degree in pedagogy

Minimum 10 years of experience in practices and content

Essential knowledge of education and ICT

Catalan level C

Knowledge of the school context and online teaching

Research Field
Educational sciences » Education
Years of Research Experience
4 – 10

Additional Information


24 working days of holidays + 9 days of conciliation, flexibility in working hours, eWork

Additional comments

Experience in project coordination with schools


This contract is financed by the «Virtual reality for the generation of immersive learning situations in art and creativity» project, by the European Next Generation Fund and by the Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia del Gobierno de España.

Project reference: EDU128/23/000134


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Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
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Rbla. del Poblenou, 156

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