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Roving, Finance and Admin Development Delegate
Closing date (Geneva time zone):03-09-2019
Duty station:DR Congo Country office
Duty station status: Non Family Duty Station
Accompanied status: Non-Accompanied
Duration:6 Months
Category of Staff: Delegate
Grade: To be determined
Vacancy No:IFRC03317
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world’s largest humanitarian organization, with 190 member National Societies. As part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, our work is guided by seven fundamental principles; humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.
Organizational Context
he International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC or “the Federation”) is the World’s largest volunteer-based humanitarian network. The Federation is a membership organization established by and comprised of its member National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Along with National Societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Federation is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The overall aim of the IFRC is “to inspire, encourage, facilitate, and promote at all times all forms of humanitarian activities by National Societies with a view to preventing and alleviating human suffering and thereby contributing to the maintenance and promotion of human dignity and peace in the world.” It works to meet the needs and improve the lives of vulnerable people before, during and after disasters, health emergencies and other crises. The Federation is served by a Secretariat based in Geneva, with regional and country offices throughout the world. The Secretariat is led by the IFRC Secretary General and provides the central capacity of the International Federation to serve, connect, and represent National Societies. Ebola is endemic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). In May 2018, the DRC Ministry of Health (MoH) officially declared the 9th epidemic of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Equateur province. This was the ninth Ebola outbreak in the country, and the first in the province. The humanitarian community, including the Red Cross and Red Cross Crescent partners, quickly mobilized resources to face this new EVD outbreak and on 25 July the outbreak was officially declared over. This epidemic caused a total of 33 deaths for 54 cases reported (38 confirmed and 16 probable) in three affected health zones of Wangata (Mbandaka), Bikoro and Itipo. One of the key Red Cross response during the active outbreak phase was SDBs. Over 100 RC volunteers were trained in SDB and teams responded to over 80 SDB alerts. On the 1st August the MoH officially declared a new EVD outbreak in Mabalako Health Zone, Beni territory. Following an alert from the North Kivu Provincial Health authority about a cluster of cases in Mangina end of July 2018, four samples out of six tested positive for EVD. On 6 August 2018, the Institut National de Recherche Biomédicale (INRB) confirmed by genetic sequencing that this latest outbreak is caused by the Zaire ebolavirus species and is not connected to the recent outbreak in Equateur Province. As of 26 April 2019, a total of 1,396 EVD cases have been reported in the region, 1,330 of which have been confirmed and 66 which are probable. Confirmed or probable cases are localized to five health zones in North Kivu, and one neighboring health zone in Ituri Province.
Job Purpose
Building on the long-term finance development plan to be implemented with DR Congo RC, the main purposes of the job are: To review of previous finance development approach in line with National Society Development Framework, new expectations and OCAC/NSD approach. To develop and implement a Finance Development strategy that is aligned with the regional strategy, for DR Congo Red Cross strengthen their financial management and financial reporting capacities, To provide guidance, advice, training and all technical support to the National Societies, in coordination with the Federation Country office, in developing transparent accounting and finance management systems, skills, structures and finance procedures in the National Societies, that meet the requirements to operate advanced financial modality such as the funds transfer system. To provide guidance and support to the National Societies on the aspects of integrated holistic approach from the wider perspective of National Society Development that includes finance development, risk management, grant management, sustainability as well as other initiatives that strengthen transparency and accountability.
Job Duties and Responsibilities
The DR Congo Roving Finance Admin Development delegate will undertake the following specific duties and responsibilities. •Financial management and analysis:
•Guide and support NS in assessment of their current financial management systems using standard and harmonised tools i.e. current accounting procedures and practices; financial rules and procedures; the division of responsibility with regards to financial management between finance and programme staff; financial reporting and budget control functions; and banking and cash management regulations.
•To advise, support and facilitate NS in strengthening their financial systems and procedures, considering existing capacities, and desired improvements that match business needs, that are in line with international best practices for the not-for-profit industry.
•Support NS in strengthening accounting system, budget planning and review, self-assessment and review, diversity and sustainability.
•Support NS to develop and implement costing policies and indirect cost recovery systems and promote best practices to strengthen existing cost recovery mechanisms.
•Lead the NS in developing strategic plan to address recommendations from external audits and self-assessment processes such as OCAC
•To work in collaboration with the Community, Safety and Resilience (CSR) unit in strengthening the NS finance management capacities in emergency as part of disaster management.
•Support NS in identifying capacity building need areas and assist in capacity building.
•Manage the Country Office Financial Position, in relation to Income and Expenses, ensuring that Project Exposure and Unfunded Items are managed with PEAR approval limits, Donor Pledge Requirements are adhered to and that the longer-term financial situation across all projects is clearly understood by Senior Management.
•Technically Manage a finance admin department of 2-3 Staff ensuring a robust efficient and effective financial infrastructure in compliance with Federation procedures, able to respond to changing requirements, and adapt to new program initiatives.
•Ensure that Federation Internal control procedures are in place and compiled with, and continually review to identify possible areas of weakness in financial controls within the system, implement changes to address these.
•Manage carefully the Financial assets of the country office in all locations, maintain a fully reconciled Balance sheet, with financial asset values in line with targets and commensurate with the scale of operations (60 day Turnover), with realistic forecasts of planned expenditure, limited FX Gains/Losses, and minimal Requests for Write Offs.
•Liaise closely with the Technical Manager, Regional Finance Administration Manager keeping her/him updated of all significant financial issues pertaining to DRC EVD Operations and seek advice/input/instruction as required.
•Provide clear concise and decisive financial advice to the Country Office Senior Management and readily alert the relevant parties of areas of financial risk or irregularity.
•Ensure that Administrative Services are invoiced in a timely manner and that Shared Office & Services Costs (SOSC) fee are recovered as per Costing principles of Full Cost recovery. Track and report on this shortfall in recovery of costs. Accurate calculation needs to be in place for all sub-delegations/and base camp.
•Assist to Manage the monthly financial cycle, within the deadlines, without significant error and maintain the accuracy of the numbers, resulting in satisfactory audit reports and positive evaluations of the financial aspects of the operations. Liaise closely and conclude successfully, dealings with auditors either external or internal, howsoever initiated. Act upon Audit Report Recommendations and ensure implementation and follow up maintenance of these recommendations.
•Record and report separately on DRC EVD operation financial commitments (external MoUs, pipeline purchase orders, program commitments, etc.) and be fully aware of possible commitments and planned ventures.
•Risk Management
•Support NS in strengthening control mechanisms with appropriate policies, structures and resources.
•Support NS in identifying risks and developing appropriate frameworks, tools to address these risks.
•Promote the culture of risk awareness and appropriate risk mitigation amongst governance, management and staff.•To advise and Support NS in defining clearly roles and responsibilities of management functions about financial authority and responsibility. Support in introducing corporate governance.
•Support NS in maintaining risk register on a regular basis.
•Support NS on promoting a culture of fraud awareness and prevention by identifying risks that could lead to potential fraud, promoting the fraud related internal control and raising awareness of stakeholders in the National society of fraud risks.
•Support NS in developing appropriate fraud and corruption control policies/frameworks.
•Support NS in promoting accountability and developing appropriate frameworks, tools for the same.
•Support in strengthening compliances.
•In corporate risk management framework & control mechanism in the operation and provide training and disseminate the procedure on Fraud and Corruption prevention and control policy.
•Policies/Strategies and global tools
•Support NS in developing and updating appropriate financial policies, plans, systems, strategies, procedures, guidelines and tools. Ensure these are compatible with the global and regional ones.
•Support NS in ensuring compliances to the established policies and procedures as well as strengthening internal control systems.
•Promote appropriate global tools (such as NSDF, OCAC, FWRS, Risk Management and Accountability Framework, Fraud and Corruption control policies etc), apply them as applicable and strengthen linkages of such tools with the programme activities. Promote alignment between the global/regional and national frameworks and tools.
•Support the National Society in integrating/mainstreaming finance development into programming
.•Support in identifying their needs for promoting integrated approaches and support them in strengthening interlinkages between the DDI, Human Resources Management, Logistics Management, Organisation Development etc.
•Support National Societies to meet their statutory requirements related to membership: Submission of Income declaration and accompanying audited financial statements, and payment of statutory contribution on a regular basis.
•Coordination/ communication and networking
•Guide NS and maintain coordination and communication with the relevant stakeholders and more importantly with donors and partners.
•Maintain regular and proactive dialogue with different stakeholders such as NS counterparts, Programme Coordinators /managers as well as PNSs, Finance Departments (regional office, country offices about finance development matters.)
•Collaborate with the Regional Head of PSK in planning and implementing activities that contribute towards overall regional wide FD strategy and plans.
– Recognized Professional qualification in accounting/Finance (Chartered Accountant/ MBA in finance) from a institute of repute. – Relevant professional training courses (Red Cross/Red Crescent related, humanitarian and development sector, management, etc.)
– Experience of managing & supporting staff
– Minimum five years’ experience of working for the Red Cross or working for a humanitarian aid organisation in a developing country,
– Minimum 5 years’ experience of working in a finance / accounting role in senior position,
– Experience of preparing budgets, clash-flow statements & financial plans
– Experience of working with Federation accounting systems- Experience of writing narrative & financial reports,- Experience in Management and Finance Information Systems (MIS/FIS)- Experience in developing the financial rules, practices and procedures for NGOs
Knowledge, skills and languages
– Basic Delegates Training Course, IMPACT or equivalent knowledge
– Advanced skills in computers (Windows, spreadsheets, accounting packages and word processing)
– Valid international driving license (manual gears)
– Strong skills in training and developing staff- Able to present financial information clearly, orally & in writing
– Interpersonal skill
– Basic Delegates Training Course, IMPACT or equivalent knowledge
– Fluently spoken and written English and French is Mandatory,
– Good command of another IFRC official language.
Competencies and values
Role model:
-Commitment to the International Red Cross & Red Crescent Movement; Diversity-Sensitivity to diversity; Integrity-Integrity & Personal conduct; Professionalism
-Flexibility & Adaptability, Resilience, management of self and others. Collaboration: Building trust; Empowering others; National Society relations; Teamwork. Achievement: Communication; Innovation
-Initiative & direction; Judgement Decision-making;
-Management of strategy, budgets and resources. Leadership: Building alliances-networking; Influencing-Monitoring, Inspiration; Strategic orientation.

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