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AIER’s Harwood Visiting Research Fellowship is a 10-12 week residential fellowship for researchers and academics working in fields that advance AIER’s mission: to affirm free enterprise, economic liberty, property rights, sound money, and legal institutions that shore up the rights of individuals to be free to the extent that their actions do not impinge on the rights of others.

These fellowships provide opportunities for researchers to collaborate, write, and work on a project of their choice. AIER has worked closely with scholars working in economics, political science, philosophy, history, law, and other areas.

Each Visiting Fellow is expected to present their research to AIER staff and visitors, and to the general public through written pieces for AIER’s website.

Visiting Research Fellows should expect a collegial environment where Visitors and AIER faculty collaborate, provide feedback, and engage with each other’s research and ideas. Each Visiting Fellow should leave AIER having made substantive progress on their project as well as having built longer-term relationships with other visitors and AIER Faculty.

Our Partners

Visiting Research Fellowships are possible thanks to the generous support of of AIER’s loyal philanthropic partners, including:

  • Wesley G. McCain through the Wesley G. McCain Scholarship in Honor of Murray Rothbard
  • The Foulke Family through the Foulke Family Trust
Caroline Breashears

“AIER’s research fellowship offered the ideal circumstances in which to write my book. Lunchtime lectures, stimulating conversations over dinner, generous feedback from the fellows: these are only a few of the reasons my visit was as enjoyable as it was productive.”

Fellowship Details

Visiting Fellowships are reviewed quarterly:
Jan 15, Apr 1, July 1, and Sept 1.
Fellowships are awarded through a competitive application process.


Research Fellows receive a $350 per week living stipend.

Accommodations, Meals, and Travel

Housing is provided in the AIER manor or cottages right on campus, close to the beautiful town of Great Barrington. Lunch is provided for AIER staff, fellows, and interns every workday.

AIER covers travel costs to and from campus for fellowships lasting more than 10 weeks.

Apply now for a Harwood Visiting Fellowship:

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