Part Time Research Assistant Position at UPF Barcelona for Prof. Jan Eeckhout’s ERC Project

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Jan Eeckhout is looking to hire a PhD student in an advance stage of writing their thesis.

The research work is primarily concerned with the effect of market power on the labor market, as well as with search, matching and sorting theory applied to labor markets. The job duties of the research assistant include:

1. Advanced empirical work on the recent developments in the labor market. This would require collecting data, cleaning data and detailed data analysis using large data sets like the CPS, ACS, SIPP, LEHD and COMPUSTAT. Routine tasks would involve not only replication of findings in current literature but also using novel methodologies to establish new findings about the labor market.

2. Advanced computational work involving coding heterogeneous agent models and conducting estimation of key model parameters to match the moments in the data and test model predictions.

3. Theoretical modeling and knowledge of models of the labor market (search and matching) and market power are necessary to estimate and numerically solve these model economies.

4. Attention to detail and documenting the research tasks performed are a crucial part of the job. It is expected that the candidate conducts independent literature reviews and incorporates and adheres to state of the art empirical and computational standards.


Research Field
Education Level
Master Degree or equivalent

Computational Aptitude: Given the type of work involved  candidates should have an exceptionally strong programming background. The candidate must possess experience working with MATLAB and Stata. In addition, working knowledge of R and Python along with knowledge of numerical optimization and estimation techniques.



Additional Information

Selection process

1. Stage 1: To apply please send your C.V and Cover letter (Max. 1 page) detailing your suitability for the job as a single pdf document to

2. Stage 2: Shortlisted candidates may be  be invited for a short interview.

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