PhD in Quantum Electromagnetics of Nanostructures

نشرت شهرين منذ

The task of the successful candidate is to describe light-matter interaction in and around nanostructures. Both, the material, and the electromagnetic field will be treated in a quantum fashion. The project is part of the Cooperative Research Center SFB 1375 Nonlinear Optics down to Atomic Scales (NOA) In NOA we aim at a close cooperation with experimental groups. Potential research topics to be studied are Raman sensing and photon-pair generation supported by metallic tips, quantum transitions driven by chiral near fields, or photon statistics in higher harmonic generation.

We are looking for excellent Diploma or M.Sc. graduates having a sound background in quantum mechanics and electromagnetics or optics. The doctoral works will be performed in exceptional and highly internationalized research groups at the main NOA location in Jena.

Remuneration is offered in accordance with the Collective Agreement for the Public Sector of the Federal States (TV-L) depending on the personal qualifications up to salary scale 13 and in the range of 75 % with respect to full time.

Applications shell be sent to

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