Post Doctoral Scientists in Sustainable Livestock Production

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Job ref: EN02/23 | Job type: Various
Location: Hillsborough | Salary: £32,880 – £34,011
Quantity of Posts Available: 3

Closing date: Monday 21 Aug 2023 14:00

Job summary

The post holder will report to a member of the senior research team. The
main duties of the posts will be to:

1. Manage and deliver research studies

The successful candidate(s) will be required to deliver a range of research projects to help enhance the sustainability of livestock production systems.  This research will be centred at the AFBI Livestock Production Sciences Branch research farm facilities but may also involve on-farm research projects.

The post holder will ensure that research work is conducted to the highest possible standard, and that protocols and Standard Operating Procedures are followed accurately; by ensuring all work complies with ISO 9001 in terms of Standard Operating Procedures, risk management and related matters; by identifying and communicating areas where experimental, procedural, and staffing weaknesses exist.

The successful candidate will be offered available posts in the areas they have indicated interest in within the application form.

2. Manage research processes

To prepare experimental protocols that define how the work is conducted including assisting with the day-to-day experimentation such as undertaking measurements and sample collection. Take responsibility for the accurate collation of research data, appropriate statistical analyses and data interpretation, all of which will require excellent computer skills. Produce high quality written outputs, to include publication of results in high impact peer reviewed.

scientific journals, preparation of reports, press articles and other material as required, so as to meet the contractual requirements of research programmes and ensure effective knowledge transfer of relevant results. To achieve this effectively the job holder will need to possess written skills of a high standard.

To communicate the outcomes of research projects to stakeholders and to the scientific community using a range of media and appropriate delivery styles.

3. Establish and maintain linkages with other research groups

To establish and maintain linkages with other research groups in the UK and
internationally to ensure that, where beneficial, research is carried out collaboratively and that AFBI’s research is recognised. This will also include collaboration with other AFBI scientists.

4. Manage staff, resources and budgets

To manage or assist with the management of staff as appropriate, in compliance with all relevant AFBI health and safety and staff management practices. To assist with the management of all aspects of resource use and experimental facilities and ensure that all are utilised to greatest effect and properly maintained. To maintain the necessary records and monitoring to ensure budgets are kept to their allocated values.

5. To undertake continuous professional development

To maintain an up-to-date knowledge of scientific literature in relevant areas and to demonstrate personal development in all relevant areas of managing research programmes, staff and resources. To maintain an awareness of developments in milk production and grassland agriculture worldwide, and the relevance of such developments to this post. Farm animal handling skills will be required.

6. Student supervision

The post holder may be required to supervise/co-supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students involved in research programmes.

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