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– with focus on research

Do you want to contribute to improving human health?

The Department of Clinical Science and Education Södersjukhuset (KI SÖS) has a long tradition of education at different levels including a PhD program. The research mainly deals with common diseases and injuries. The mission of the institution is to improve human health. We are now searching for a professor to be responsible for translational research in the field of diabetes with a focus on stroke.

Subject area

The research about diabetes at KI SÖS is extensive and involves everything from randomized studies to epidemiology and mechanistic research. The research group, that is part of the Internal Medicine Unit at Södersjukhuset, consists of one Professor, 2 Senior Lecturers, 5 associate professors, 8 PhDs and 5 PhD students. The research group is divided into clinical/epidemiology and translational animal research. The experimental part of diabetes research, mainly performed in small animals, has a focus to reduce neurological complications of stroke. The research is unique at Karolinska Institutet, thus we wish to strengthen this area of research with a professor.

Your mission

The future Professor will be overall responsible for experimental diabetes research at KI SÖS. The assignment will emphasize on-going research in the field of diabetes and stroke but also facilitate research about stroke in the Internal Medicine Unit in general. The professor should also be active in education in the Medical program at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and in the PhD program. One important aspect of the assignment is to develop academic leadership in experimental diabetes research.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for employment as Professor with focus on research, the applicant must have demonstrated good pedagogical expertise and excellent scientific expertise. (See the instructions regarding the Appointment Procedure for Teachers at Karolinska Institutet).

The applicant must have experience of translational research, including appropriate animal models of stroke. The applicant must also have experience of teaching within medical programs, and supervision on different levels, including PhD and post-docs.

Assessment criteria

The Professorship has a focus on research. The assessment will weight qualifications as follows: scientific expertise (3), pedagogical expertise (2), leadership, and development and collaboration expertise (2).

For employment as Professor at Karolinska Institutet, the eligibility requirements and assessment criteria stated in the Instructions regarding the Appointment Procedure 3.1.2 are applied in relation to established profile of employment.

It is particularly meritorious that the applicant has a good track-record of attracting large research grants.

The applicant shall also have completed 10 weeks of courses on teaching in higher education (or have equivalent competence), as indicated in the recommendations of the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institution. If the person appointed for the position is lacking such education at the time of employment, the appointee must undergo such education during the first two years of employment.

After an overall assessment of the expertise and merits of the candidates, Karolinska Institutet will judge which of the candidates has the best potential to contribute to a positive development of the activities at KI.

What do we offer?

A creative and inspiring environment full of expertise and curiosity. Karolinska Institutet is one of the world’s leading medical universities. Our vision is to pursue the development of knowledge about life and to promote better health for all. At Karolinska Institutet, we conduct successful medical research and hold the largest range of medical education in Sweden. Karolinska Institutet is a state university, which entitles to several benefits such as extended holiday and a generous occupational pension plan. Employees also have access to our modern gym for free and receive reimbursements for medical care.

Location: Södersjukhuset


Your application must contain the following documents in English: a cover letter as well as a résumé and a qualifications portfolio including a description of your research plan, both presented in accordance with Karolinska Institutet’s template ( You may change or add to your application at any time up to and including the application deadline date. After the deadline, the process closes, and no amendment or addition can be made to your application.

The applications will be reviewed by external reviewers, most often both national and international. For that reason, all the submitted documents should be written in English.

The application is to be submitted through the Varbi recruitment system.

Welcome to apply!

Want to make a difference? Join us and contribute to better health for all

Type of employment: Permanent position
Contract type: Full time
First day of employment: Upon agreement
Salary: Monthly salary
Number of positions: 1
Full-time equivalent: 100%
City: Stockholm
County: Stockholms län
Country: Sweden
Reference number: STÖD 2-1329/2023

  1. Per Tornvall, Head of Department, 08-52487504

Union representative:

  1. Claes Frostell, SACO, 08-12358116

Published: 2023-08-18
Last application date: 2023-09-29

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