Vous voulez gagner de l’argent avec votre site Web, votre application ou votre trafic social ? C’est facile avec Monetag

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Monetize every type of audience

Whatever audience and web or mobile traffic you want to monetize, we’re ready to meet your expectations for an exceptional balance of revenue and experience for your users.


Sites Internet
social traffic
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Discover a new era of AI audience monetization for revenue beyond expectations

Uncover untapped opportunities to generate better profits with pioneering monetization technologies


MultiTag – Your Master Key to Intelligent Ad Inventory Monetization

AI-powered technology that leverages ad formats to help you monetize every aspect of your ad inventory, automates ad selection, and increases CPM rates

The most advanced intellectual ad serving algorithm

Generate a higher yield of up to 53%

Scale your ad inventory with 6 AI-enhanced ad formats

Cover 100% of your web, mobile and in-app traffic with our smart and user-friendly solutions

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