FY 2023 United States South Pacific Scholarship Program and FY 2023 United States Timor-Leste Scholarship Program

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The United States South Pacific (USSP) Scholarship Program was established by the United States Congress to provide opportunities for eight U.S. undergraduate and graduate degree students from South Pacific nations to study in fields important for the region’s future development.

The goal of the United States Timor-Leste (USTL) Scholarship Program is to identify a select cadre of academically talented Timorese who are expected to assume future leadership roles in Timor-Leste’s development and support their undergraduate level study and degrees at accredited higher education institutions in the United States. An objective of the USTL program is to develop the human resource capacity of the Timorese people, especially in fields such as agricultural science, business, communications, economics, education, environmental science, international relations, political science, psychology and sociology.

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