Grant awarded by the National Science Center to dr hab. Magdalena Formanowicz.

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Name and description of the research project:

The role of agency and morality in dehumanization – an integrative approach

In this project, we undertake to study the predictors of dehumanization (Aim 1) and interventions to reduce dehumanization (Aim 2). We propose a systematic research program in cooperation with partners from Israel, Spain and Great Britain. To explore the causes of the dehumanization of others (Aim 1), we will examine whether the two most basic dimensions by which we judge other people, i.e. agency and morality, contribute to dehumanization. To explore interventions that reduce dehumanization (Aim 2), we will focus on disadvantaged groups as they are the most likely victims of dehumanization. We will investigate whether increasing the agency of these groups – by describing them as successful in their actions (compared to failures) – will reduce their dehumanization.

Grant awarded by the National Science Center to dr hab. Magdalena Formanowicz.


Institute of Psychology


  • Exploring the literature of the subject,
  • Developing research materials and procedures (pilots and relevant research) in cooperation with the project manager or post-doc
  • Recruiting participants for research,
  • Training researchers’ associates,
  • Supervising and/or conducting research,
  • Performing data analysis and interpretation in cooperation with the PI or post-doc
  • Participating in research team meetings,
  • Cooperating with the project manager or post-doc in the preparation of articles presenting partial research results,
  • Participating in international conferences,
  • Presenting partial research results at conferences.


Research Field
Psychological sciences
Education Level
Master Degree or equivalent


  • Master’s degree in social sciences (psychology, sociology, economic sciences, etc.),
  • Readiness to complete a doctoral thesis under the supervision of dr hab. Magdalena Formanowicz  in the USWPS Doctoral School (without additional scholarship),
  • Ability to think analytically,
  • Research interests related to dehumanization, relations between groups, conflict resolution, collective action, agency;
  • Minimum half-year experience in participating in a research project,
  • Good knowledge of statistics and willingness to learn advanced statistical methods,
  • Fluent knowledge of English in speech and writing – at least at C1 level (preferably C2),
  • High conscientiousness, accuracy and perseverance,
  • Excellent organizational skills, knowledge of Jira and Miro programs,
  • Availability of about 7 – 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday for scientific work,
  • Available to work in Warsaw.
Research Field
Psychological sciences

Additional Information


We offer:

  • Fellowship contract for a period of 48 months,
  • Scholarship in the amount of PLN 5,000 gross per month (ZUS insurance is deducted, the scholarship is not taxed),
  • Laptop, access to literature, statistical licenses and research software,
  • Possibility of professional development through participation in workshops and trainings,
  • Gaining experience in a scientifically active research center (Center for Research on Social Relations),
  • Co-authorship of scientific publications and participation in scientific conferences.
Eligibility criteria

Formal criteria:

  • the candidate’s scientific achievements, including publications in renowned scientific journals (50% of the final score);
  • distinctions for scientific research, scholarships, awards and scientific experience gained at  the home research institution or abroad, scientific workshops and training, participation in research projects (20% of the final score);
  • skills related to the ability to perform tasks planned in the research project (30% of the final score).
Selection process


The application should be sent electronically via the recruitment form:…


Required documents:

  •  Scientific CV in English containing in particular:
    • description of scientific achievements,
    • list of publications or conference presentations,
    • list of awards and achievements for scientific work,
    • description of competencies to perform the tasks specified in the “Job responsibilities” section;
  • At least one opinion on the candidate issued by the supervisor or other researcher with whom the applicant cooperates or has cooperated;
  • Cover letter justifying the willingness to participate in the project and relating the candidate’s skills and interests to the description of tasks in the project.


Application deadline: October 28, 2023

Competition results announced: November 8, 2023

Date of commencement of work: November 20, 2023


Additional comments

  Competition Committee:

  • Magdalena Formanowicz, PhD, Associate Professor at the SWPS University – Chair of the Committee;
  • Marta Witkowska, PhD– Committee Member;
  • Aleksandra Cisłak-Wójcik, PhD, Associate Professor at the SWPS University – Committee Member;
  • Wojciech Kulesza, PhD, Associate Professor at the SWPS University – Committee Member;
  • Paulina Kolańczyk-Zwierz – Member of HR staff;
  • Anna Zając – Committee Secretary.


Additional information:

Link to the NCN Regulations 

Before the interview, which will be held in English, candidates may be asked to perform a task to check their research competences.

The Competition Committee reserves the right to contact only selected candidates.

If necessary, additional information about the competition can be obtained at the following email address:


Website for additional job details

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