Scholarship in Australia

Australian Government Scholarships at the Adelaide University (RTP)

The University of Adelaide offers a number of  Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships  to outstanding international graduates from any country to begin their education via a master’s or doctorate through research. The team informs you that scholarships for international RTP recipients are priority for those who undertake research in fields of university research.

Eligibility  :

  1. Applicants must be international students who are acceptable to begin a master’s or doctoral degree with a research degree at the University of Adelaide.
  2. Winners are required to apply and enroll in their study program at the University of Adelaide as “international students” to maintain their scholarship.
  3. Applicants whose qualification is in progress will not be eligible for the examination until the qualification has been satisfactorily completed (and acceptable proof has been provided) or proof of withdrawal has been obtained. been provided.
  4. Applicants must provide proof that they  meet  the  English language proficiency requirements of  the University of Adelaide for direct entry before the application deadline.
  5. Applicants must have successfully completed at least the equivalent of an Australian diploma. (In Australia, an Honors BA is usually a one-year qualification obtained after an undergraduate degree and involves further study in a particular discipline. In some areas, the Honors BA is available as part of the final year a four-year undergraduate degree It is recognized as a prestigious qualification which further develops research, writing and organizational skills and also demonstrates an ability to undertake high level studies.
  6. Winners must begin their studies at the University of Adelaide during the semester where the scholarship is offered. It is not possible to postpone the sentence.
  7. International applicants are not eligible if they have already started the degree for which they are seeking a scholarship.
  8. The offer of a scholarship is conditional on no student being offered another scholarship by the Commonwealth of Australia, the University of Adelaide or a foreign sponsor. The University reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship offer at any time before registration if it is notified that a scholarship recipient has been offered a scholarship equal to or greater than the financial value of the scholarship offered by the University.
  9. NOTE: If a candidate has previously obtained an international higher diploma by research grant from the University of Adelaide and has failed to complete the corresponding academic program, this candidate will not be reconsidered for any future international higher diploma by scholarship of research.
  10. Students who do not succeed in their scholarship application are eligible to reapply, once, within 18 months of notification of the failure of their scholarship application. A new full application must be submitted for consideration, with all supporting information and documentation provided, including updated documents such as supervisor’s approval, CV and research experience.
  11. Students who have been considered in two scholarship cycles during an 18-month period cannot be taken into account in future scholarship cycles at the University of Adelaide  .

Benefits  :

  1. Research Training Program Fee: offers a fee compensation scholarship that covers the cost of tuition as a graduate degree by a research student from the University of Adelaide for the standard duration of the academic program (Master research: up to 2 years; doctor of philosophy: up to 4 years). Any difference between the compensation for RTP costs and the invoiced tuition fees is canceled by the University of Adelaide for the standard duration of the academic program.
  2. Research training program allowance: provides a living allowance of AUD 28,092 (2020 rate, indexed each year) per year for a maximum of 2 years for a master’s degree in research and up to 3 years (with a possible extension of 6 months) for a doctor of medicine. Philosophy. It may be exempt from tax, subject to the approval of the tax office.
  3. Research Training Program Allowance: Provides financial support for a Worldcare health insurance policy for foreign students (OSHC), plus relocation and publication costs

Further details on the conditions and / or benefits can be found in the grant conditions.

Requests  :

Adelaide Graduate Center Tel (08) 8313 5882 or email


The application for admission and scholarship must be submitted using the  online application form  .

Closing dates:

Awarded only to international applicants as part of the major cycle. Applications close on July 10, 2020.

  • Applicants will be informed of the result of their scholarship application in mid-October 2020.
  • Beneficiaries must begin their research program in semester 1, 2021 (between January 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021).
  • Applicants must begin their studies as soon as possible during the approved semester.
  • It is not possible to postpone the sentence.

The Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) scholarship policy   is available on the University’s website.