An epidemic every 100 years: Plague of 1720, cholera of 1820, Spanish flu of 1920, coronavirus of 2020

Every hundred years, there seems to be a great pandemic, plague 1720, cholera epidemic 1820 and Spanish flu 1920.
The pandemics mentioned above seem to follow the same pattern as the current viral epidemic in China.

But history has really repeated itself, was this virus deliberately spread by an organization? Below, I will write a bit about the history of these pandemics:

The year 1720:
In 1720, there was the last large-scale bubonic plague pandemic, also called  the great plague of Marseille  . Records show that the bacteria killed around 100,000 people in Marseille.
It is assumed that the bacteria are spread by flies infected with this bacteria.

The year 1820:
The first records of a  cholera pandemic  took place in 1820, which took place in Asia, in the countries of Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. In 1820, more than 100,000 deaths were recorded in Asia due to this bacterium. The pandemic is said to have started with people who drank water from lakes contaminated with this bacteria.

The year 1920:
The  Spanish flu  occurred 100 years ago, at the time people were struggling with the H1N1 flu virus which had undergone a genetic mutation, which made it much more dangerous than the virus normal. This virus infected 500 million people and killed more than 100 million people in the world, this pandemic was the deadliest in history.

The year 2020:
It seems like history repeats itself every 100 years, is it just a coincidence?
Today, China is facing a major pandemic, 5 Chinese cities of 11 million inhabitants are quarantined, completely isolated from the rest of the world.

The coronavirus  , the virus that China faces, has already killed 774 people so far, despite the efforts of the government and other institutions to quarantine entire cities, it seems that the virus has managed to spread to beyond the Chinese borders.

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  1. À l’heure actuelle ces plus de 2500 morts uniquement en Chine.

  2. La gripe española en realidad surgió alrededor de 1916, para 1920 ya estaba más bien desapareciendo.

  3. Fake, les dates sont fausses, pour exemple la pandémie de grippe Espagnole a duré de 1918 l’été 1919

  4. El virus de Marsella 1720
    So origina es mosca
    El virus de tailandia filipina 1820…de agua de lagos contaminados
    E cual el origen
    De virus de España 1920
    Porque el virus de China so origen es de animal no comestible

  5. La grippe espagnole c’était du avant 1920 !!!!

  6. La grippe espagnol n’a pas affecte’ l’espagne J’espere.

    • La gripe española surgio en Estados Unidos, se extendió por toda europa y como eran tiempos de la primera guerra mundial en los periodicos de la época no se mencionaba tanto. Sin embargo en España donde no habia guerra se comenzó a contabilizar y hablar de ella en los periodicos mas que en otros paises, a pesar de haber menos muertos.
      Solo por eso se empezó a llamar gripe española por parte de Inglaterra como siempre por maldad, con envidia y con ganas de hacer daño a la imagen de España. Muy tipico de la mierda de anglosajon.

  7. We must learn this lesson. Mother Nature is most powerful. We, mortals, are at her mercy. We have to stop destroying ourselves. We are highly vulnerable and must acept this truth.

    • No I don’t think it’s that it i think the Chinese government and Russian government have planned this virus for population control they won’t admit it ever and the media in the UK are scaring everyone in the uk

  8. Science is advancing so fast that we almost lost our balance in every sector of life. We exercise this sudden power so wrongly that we totally lost our humanity. Criminals are considered as talented and honest are mad. The nature is the most fair and and always remain in favor of innocent. Maybe after 100 years cumulatively our sin size is so big that our nature is forced to take a massive revenge.


  10. Mercedes De Leon

    wasn’t the Spanish flu in 1918?

  11. Conchita Lomutos Aberde

    Yes nature has its own way of waking all mortals from deep sleep. Technology has opened eyes for worldly things, then profits, then very few enjoy the fruits leaving so many victims.
    Yes the time has come for cleansing.
    I am praying for the whole world. In JESUS Holy Name Amen.

  12. Nicasio Jr. Fiedacan

    Such is history. With the billion population of the world, they did not anticipate (nor nobody)that this covi 19 will appear? With all the modern technology,gadgets computer or it’s the destiny of the earth and its people as stated in many religious prophecy.

    • no matter what trials or problems may come in our country .i know GOD is always protect us and never leave us in all times..
      just Do Believe in HiM and He never Foresake us..

  13. God bless the whole world…

  14. Biblical. Yan ay mensahe na puno na Ng kasalanan ang Mundo. Malapit nang dumating ang Harmagedon.

  15. year 2020 Corona virus 7,158 Deaths and the number of death because of corona virus is still rising

  16. 1707-1709 : Variole en Islande (18000 morts)
    1710-1712 : Peste en Suède et au Danemark
    1713-1715 : Rougeole dans les colonies brittaniques et au Canada
    1720-1722 : Peste de Marseille
    1730 : Fièvre jaune en Espagne
    1738 : Peste dans les Balkans (50000 morts)
    1770 : Peste en Russie (50000 morts)
    1772 : Peste en Perse (2000000 morts)
    1775-1776 : Grippe en Angleterre
    1793 : Typhys aux USA

    1816-1826 : Choléra en Asie et en Europe (100 000 morts)
    1829-1851 : Choléra en Asie, Europe et Afrique du nord (100 000 morts)
    1852-1860 : Cholera en Russie (1 000 000 morts)
    1889-1890 : Grippe mondiale (1 000 000 morts)
    1899-1923 : Choléra en Asie, Europe et Afrique (800 000 morts)

    1918-1920 : Grippe espagnole, mondiale (jusqu’à 100 000 000 morts)
    1957-1958 : Grippe asiatique, mondiale (2 000 000 morts)
    1968-1969 : Grippe de Hong Kong, mondiale (1 000 000 morts)

    Donc non, pas tous les 100 ans… beaucoup plus souvent

  17. My Comments:
     Thanks God the death today is pale compared before.
     There is no social media before so it is hard to determine how they fight the plagues.
     Today we practice social distancing, quarantine, lockdown and enhanced lockdown and still the infected are increasing.
     Many said this will last long, but can we last that long?
     The negative side;
    o Economic collapse
    o Restriction in present places
    o Limited government support because they themselves are restricted
    o Uncertainty of the future
     The positive side;
    o Sinning minimized, in casino, beer gardens, prostitution, killings, corrupting children and many more.
    o The chance of government, businesses and even religious sectors to reform.
    o The time to meditate what went wrong, and time to consult God.
    o This enter my mind while praying; If only we stopped sinning earlier and we took upon ourselves to show love to God and our neighbor, this thing might not happened. In 400 years people failed to learn their lessons. Who can forget the great flood that saved 8 of Noah’s family, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorah saving only Lot? And how Nineveh was saved through prayers. We search all possible remedy except the solution from God. His solution was defined thousand years before the first plague.
    Psalm 91
    You who live in the shelter of the Most High, who abide in the shadow of the Almighty, will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress; my God, in whom I trust.” For he will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence; he will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.
    You will not fear the terror of the night, or the arrow that flies by day, or the pestilence that stalks in darkness, or the destruction that wastes at noonday. A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only look with your eyes and see the punishments of the wicked. Because you have made the Lord your refuge, the Most High your dwelling place, no evil shall befall you, no scourge come near your tent.
    For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, so that you will not dash your foot against a stone. You will tread on the lion and the adder, the young lion and the serpent you will trample under foot.
    “Those who love me, I will deliver; I will protect those who know my name. When they call to me, I will answer them; I will be with them in trouble, I will rescue them and honor them. With long life I will satisfy them, and show them my salvation.”

     But my friends be reminded that this promise is not for everybody but only for those who live in the shelter of the Most High, who abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
     And is it a coincidence that this is a fight between 19 and 91, Covid19 and Psalm91? Have courage and no fear as God is our protection, healing and restoration.
    Greetings from Philippines!

    • I do belive that God has a purpose why this is happend
      And that purpose is beautiful for all human kind and the mother earth.
      God Bless Us All.

      • Russia is not in Line with China, this is ALL CHINA, aiming to become the new Super Power, and Force a One World Order, starting with digital Currencies and then change what the National Reserve System is. Then the America Dollar will be worth far less, and China will have even more power.

  18. Les dates pas tout a fait correct,c’est juste pour trouver des lecteurs ou justes pour des clics sa se passe comment??

  19. la grippe espagnole ne viens pas d espagne c est juste que c est eux qui ont mis un nom dessus quand c est arriver dans leurs pays

  20. roberto c bertulfo

    Was there any prophecy that every 100 years there is one pandemic. If now why there is none?

  21. La información es falsa

  22. La peste de 1720 était la peste de Marseille (France uniquement) :
    La peste noire (black death, mort noire) était entre 1346 et 1353 et touchait l’Europe, l’Asie et l’Afrique du Nord

  23. Je trouve que ces informations sont interessantres ma mere m’avait parle de toute ces maladies j’etais jeune mais je m’en souvient et ces donnees viennent confirmer ce qu’elle m’a appris ce fut des periodes tres difficiles les gens avaient plus de travail il fallait recommencer au pied de l’echelle pas facile J’espere que ca va arreter que les gens puisse reprendre leur travail avant de tout perdre et que les gens vont avoir la force de traverser cette epreuve merci

  24. Y en cada pandemia murieron 100 mil muertos hasta 100 millones de muertos.

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