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Earn 1,000,000 yen in Nisshin Kogyo’s 47th architectural design competition

Registration for the 47th Nisshin Kogyo competition is now open and you have the opportunity to compete for the total amount of the prizes: 2,600,000 yen and the winners will be announced in the January 2021 issue of   SHINKENCHIKU  .

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Theme: Living on the PLAY

“Play” means in different ways, including playing like a baby, having fun with friends, taking breaks between work and school, having leeway, researching the beauty of isolated literature and art of the secular world and give space to the connection of machine parts

Areas of concentration of opportunities:

  • Arts and design
  • Architectural design

Languages ​​required


eligible countries


Program period

  • December 2, 2020  : Awards ceremony
  • January 2021: A  public announcement will be made in the January 2021 issue of “SHINKENCHIKU”

Eligibility conditions (criteria)

Registration:  A registration number will be issued by e-mail once the registration form has been correctly completed.

  • A registration number is only valid for one submission.
  • For multiple submissions, register multiple times to receive an individual registration number for each submission.
  • The competition office may not make any changes to the participant registration form; if changes or registration errors occur, re-registration is required.


  • All works must represent the theme only through drawings or images. Explanation in words should be kept to a minimum.
  • Drawings can be a block plan, a floor plan, an elevation view, a sectional view, a perspective view, a model photo, etc.
  • You can use blue printing, pencil, ink, color, photos, printing, etc. at your discretion.


  • Use  ONE SHEET  of thick drawing paper (such as Kent paper) in   A2  format (420 mm x 594 mm)  . Thin paper such as imitation wove paper should not be used as it is easy to break when opening the envelope.
  • Panels or frames  WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED  .

Opportunity cost


  • First prize [a]  1  000  000  yen.
  • Second prize[one]500,000  yen.
  • Third prize[one]300,000  yen.
  • Merit Award[eight]100,000  yen each.
  • The results will be communicated to the winners and will be announced in the  January 2021 issue  of   SHINKENCHIKU  .
  • The exhibition will be held at the AIJ building in Tokyo, Japan:  February 15 (Mon) -Feb. 18 (game), 2021.

How to register

First step:  register a new account  here  .

Second step:  specify your registration number at the bottom right  of your submission using  letters of  30  points  or more

Third step:  print and paste the request form  on the back of your submission. For more details, click  here  .

Fourth step:  send your submission to the address:

Nisshin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Attn .: Design Competition Office
2F, 2-23-4 Senju-Azuma, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, 120-0025, Japon
Téléphone: + 81-3-3882-2613

Notes  :

  • Submissions will only be accepted by mail. UPS, EMS, DHL or any other overseas postal service will be accepted.
  • Bids can be packaged in any form, but it’s best to send them flat to avoid rolling or damage.
  • All submission costs such as shipping, delivery, taxes, insurance, etc. will be charged to the participant.
  • If fees or payment occur upon arrival at the competition office, the bid will be returned to the sender or will be held by the shipping company at the sender’s expense.
  • The Competition Bureau will not be responsible for any bids lost during shipping. The Competition Bureau will not respond to confirmation of the arrival of applications.

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