Luxembourg is preparing to become the first country in the world to make all its public transport free. 

Fines in trains, trams and buses will be abolished as soon as next summer, according to the plan of the newly re-elected government coalition led by Xavier Bettel, who took the oath on Wednesday.

The latter, from the Democratic Party, has allied with the Socialist Party of Workers and Greens, with the project to give priority to environmental issues. 


The city of Luxembourg, capital of the Grand Duchy, has for years been one of the cities experiencing the worst traffic jams in the world.

While it has only 110,000 inhabitants, it welcomes every day nearly 400,000 people who come to work.

Motorists in Luxembourg spent an average of 33 hours in traffic jams in 2016, according to a study. 

From 2020, all tickets will be abolished in public transport.