If you ever wondered where your home was at the time of the Pangaea, here is the answer.

As you probably know, our beautiful blue planet has not always looked as we know it today. Before our continents, there was a single one called Pangaea, a term derived from ancient Greek that means “all lands.” This supercontinent exploded during the Triassic period 200 million years ago and was divided into two continents: Gondwana in the south and Laurasia in the north. Several million years later, these lands will still be divided up following continental drift to give birth to Eurasia and North America as well as South America, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica.

In 2018, a map based on data from the University of Northern Arizona will be used to observe the Earth during the Pangea era. Nothing exceptional, of course, except that it also makes it possible to locate your house where it was several hundred million years ago, for example. A fun gadget, which would obviously be even more so with the addition of a feature similar to Google Street View. But everything comes at the right time to those who know how to wait…