The Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation – Research Grant 2023

Targeted Research

●Areas of Research

Research activities in the areas of humanities and social science which are expected to contribute to achieving the goal of the Foundation, by
– promoting international understanding by solving various issues which exist between Japan and other nations
– promoting co-existence of nature and mankind
The research is required to have global perspective and be based on high social and academic demand. Pioneering researches based on creative ideas are highly welcome.

(Ineligible researches)

  • Researches aimed at making profit
  • Researches which are considered to be actually completed
  • Researches which require a huge amount of research expenses
  • Researches whose period is less than 6 months in the grant period
●Eligibility and Conditions
  • Students enrolled in a doctoral program and researchers within five years after finishing a doctoral program (Eligibility is determined according to the position at the time of application)
  • Individuals who have not previously received any grants from the Foundation
  • Individuals who reside in Japan
  • Individuals who do not belong to graduate schools, organizations, research institutions, etc. located outside Japan.

Outline of the Grants

●Number of Grant Recipients

Approx. 50 students and researchers

●Amount of Grants
  • Maximum amount of grant per student/researcher is 500,000 yen.
  • The amount of each grant will be assessed by the content of research plan and the rationality of its budget.
●Term of Grants

Term of grants shall be one year from October 1, 2023 to September 30, 2024.

●Use of Grants
  • Grants are to be used for expenses necessary in carrying out research plans, and expenses shall be itemized in accordance with the List of Items of Expenditures in a separate page. The amount requested and the itemized budget should always match with each other.
●Main Duties of the Recipients
  • The recipient of the grant shall submit a pledge to the Foundation at the start of the program, and within 1 months after the end of the grant period, he / she shall submit a report on the process and the results of the research as well as an accounting report. In case valid reports are not submitted within 6 months after the grant period, we request the recipient to return full amount of grant he / she had received.
  • In case the expense exceeds 10,000 yen, receipts should be attached to the financial report. Receipts for expenses less than 10,000 yen shall be saved by the end of the grant period in case that the Foundation request to submit.
  • Surplus must be returned to the Foundation.
  • Please note that the process and results of the research will be made public through the website of the Foundation.

Selection method and Criteria for screening

●Screening Method

Careful and fair screening will be conducted by the screening committee in mid-July, 2023.

●Notice of the result

The results will be informed the applicants by e-mail by the beginning of August, 2023. Please understand that the Foundation will not respond to any inquiries regarding the results.

●Criteria of Screening

In screening, we focus on researches in the areas of humanities and social science which meet the following criteria:

  • (1) Research which is in line with the objectives and activities of the Foundation
  • (2) Research which has high social and academic importance
  • (3) Research which is creative and pioneering
  • (4) Research which will be carried out by highly motivated and competent researchers and with excellent research plans and setups
  • (5) Research with rational and appropriate budget plan.

How to apply

・Application flow

Application flow
  • Step 1:Download the application forms.
  • Step 2:Fill in the application forms.
  • Step 3:Submit (upload) the application forms.

Application Procedures

●Download the application forms

Please download the application forms from the following link.

●Fill in the application Forms
  • Please fill in the forms in either Japanese or English.


Application Form Fill in each item on the application form.
Provide an e-mail address to be reached during the screening period (July – September). This page needs signature or seal of the applicant.
Recommendation The letter of recommendation needs signature or seal of the recommender. English recommendations can be written in a different format (including letter format), but must not exceed two pages.
Outline of Research Explain the outline of the research.
Try to write in a way which can be easily understood by the members of the screening committee with different areas of expertise.
Please use the designated font size and do not add pages.
Summary of the master/doctor thesis Fill in a summary of your master or doctor thesis. In case you do not have a master thesis, provide a summary of an alternative article.
Please use the designated font size and do not add pages.
Budget 【Details of Expenditure】should include only expenses from the grant of K. Matsushita Foundation. The total amount should be equivalent with the “amount of grant requested” indicated on the Application Form. Please clearly explain the purpose of expenditure and the background of calculation in relation to the research plan.
Please refer to the “Items of Expenditures” on the last page of the guidelines in filling in this form.
Academic Background and Recommender Please provide the name of a recommender who is a specialist in your research theme. The recommender should be a person who writes a letter of recommendation.
●Submit (upload) the application forms
  • 1) After signed or sealed, please prepare the above documents converted to a PDF file.
    When generating a PDF file, please set name of the file as:
    2023_Application_Name.pdf (Example: “2023_Application_Taro Matsushita.pdf”)
  • 2) Access the web form “Research Grant Program Application Form” page from the URL on our website.
  • 3) On the page, please enter the following information;
    [Name of Applicant] [Age] [Nationality] [e-mail address] [Classification] [Current Institution] [Title of Research] and [Subtitle of Research (if any)] [Amount of Grant Requested] and then upload the PDF file (“Attachment of Research Grant Application Form”).
    Please ensure this procedure finishes no later than May 10, 2023
  • 4) After submitting the file, you will receive an email informing your “Applicant Number”.
  • * As for documents that require a signature or seal (i.e., “Application Form” and “Recommendation”), please make scanned data of the signed or sealed documents.
  • * “Recommendation” letter can be sent by post (as “ordinary registered mail” or “simplified registration”) in case the recommender prefers to send it directly to the Foundation. In that case, please mention on the Recommendation page that the letter of the recommendation will be send separately from the recommender.

* Notes

  • Following documents are not acceptable. (will be excluded from the screening process)
    • Documents with added pages
    • Documents in a different format instead of the one specified, or those written in smaller font than the designated font size.
    • Documents whose contents are not shown properly when printed out in A-4 size.
    • Documents in which necessary items are not filled in.

As the application documents will not be returned once submitted, please make sure to save a copy before submission.
If you are selected as a recipient of this grant, you cannot receive any scholarship or grant offered by K. Matsushita Foundation during the year you receive the grant.

●Application period

9:00 a.m. on April 1 (Sat) ~ 11:59 p.m. on May 10 (Wed), 2023

  • *The “Research Grant Program Application Form” page will automatically close at 11:59 p.m. on May 10.
  • *Application documents sent by E-mail are not acceptable. It will be automatically excluded from the screening process.
●Inquiries for Application

If you have any inquires about application, please ask from the Inquiry page. Please indicate your Reference Number if you have already acquired it. The Foundation office will be closed from April 29 to May 7, 2023 for Golden Week holidays. As our response may delay due to rush of inquires after the holidays, please contact us before the holidays if possible.

Osaka Office

1006 Kadoma, Osaka 571-8501, Japan

Items of Expenditure

Items Explanations
Reward / payment to cooperators
Reward / payment to assistants
Rewards to cooperators for their advice and cooperation
Rewards to staff temporarily employed to assist your research including drivers, those engaged in data input work, etc.
Transportation and accommodation expenses required for a trip (for survey, attendance to conference, etc.) which exceeds 100 km one way
Miscellaneous expenses including overseas travel insurance
Survey / Equipment
Contract survey
Computer software
Expenses incurred by contracting questionnaire surveys, data collection, etc.
Expenses including development of computer programs, data processing, computer rental fee and program rental fee
Documents & copying
Purchase of books,
Materials, etc,
Printing / Copying
Expenses for purchasing books and thesis, etc.
Expenses for purchasing recording media such as films, tapes, and disks.
Expenses for printing questionnaire and data collection forms, etc. and for copying books
Rent for a venue
Rental fee of the space used for conferences
Refreshments and lunch served at the conference, communication expenses, etc.
Communication /
Transportation expenses required for research activities (trips within 100 km one way), communication expenses and expenses for transporting equipment
Consumables Office supplies and consumables
Miscellaneous Expenses which are not included in any of the above items.
Translation expenses, proofreading expenses, stenography expenses, gifts to survey respondents, gifts to organizations surveyed, maintenance expenses for equipment and fixtures, attendance fee to conferences and other expenses

The following expenses are not accepted:

  • Personnel / living expenses and tuition fee of a researcher
  • General operating expenses required for managing research organizations
  • Expenses required for printing reports, issuing publications, holding symposiums, etc.
  • Expenses to attend an academic conference held outside the country of residence.
  • Expenses to purchase equipment including personal computers, photo equipment, visual equipment, copying equipment and printing equipment, etc.
  • *Grant will be transmitted to the bank account of the recipient. It cannot be transmitted to the institution, or universities the recipient belongs to.


Eligibility Application form

Will you provide a grant for our research?
Please first carefully read “Information for Applicants” to understand the objectives of our program. Among the applications submitted, the selection committee will decide which research projects are awarded grants, in accordance with the objectives of the grant.
I have received grant from the Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation in the past. Can I apply again?
We are very sorry that those who have received the grant in the past are not eligible. We appreciate your understanding.
I will be working at XX University from this coming August. In this case which institution should I write as “Current Institution.”
Please write the institution you belong to when you fill in the application form, not a new one.
What will happen if I move abroad during the research grant period?
Individuals who move abroad for the grant period are not eligible. We appreciate your understanding. During the research grant period, we offer grants limited to individuals who reside in Japan and do not belong to graduate schools, organizations, research institutions, etc. located outside Japan.
May foreign nationals submit applications?
Your nationality is irrelevant as long as you are a resident of Japan, do not belong to graduate schools, organizations, research institutions, etc. located outside Japan, and meet other eligibility criteria and conditions.
Can I apply as a joint research project?
No. This grant is for individual research. You cannot apply as a joint research project.
If I reside abroad during the application period and, after return to Japan, conduct my research in Japan during the grant period, am I eligible to apply?
You are required to reside in Japan during the application period regarding the personal information.
Does “researchers within five years after finishing a doctoral program” include those who graduated from a doctral course as a PhD candidate without a doctral degree?
Yes, they are included and can apply.
●Application form
Are there any particular criteria to select reference for the application?
Please select one expert from appropriated related fields of your research.
Does the grant cover the cost of holding events such as symposiums and conferences?
Our grant does not cover the cost of holding events such as symposiums and conferences. Moreover, the cost of attending international academic conferences shall not be covered.
Could you tell me other items that the grant does not cover?
Please refer to “List of Items of Expenditures for Research Grants” on the application guideline.

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