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First COVID-19 drug approved in Canada 

Health Canada has approved the use of remdesivir, a drug intended to treat patients with severe disease from the novel coronavirus, with conditions. It is the first drug of its kind to receive the green light from the competent authorities in the country. This antiviral…

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Google to ban Coronavirus plot announcements 

Google is looking for fake ads around Covid-19 According to a Bloomberg report, Google will adopt these new advertising regulations next month. And in addition to preventing advertisers from creating new ads, the American giant will also use algorithmic and human analysis to identify violators and…

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Trump threatens to close facebook and twitter 

Twitter, Facebook…: Donald Trump threatens to “close” social networks after reporting his tweets. “Republicans believe that social media platforms completely censor the voices of conservatives. We are going to severely regulate them, or shut them down, so as not to allow that to happen, ”tweeted Donald…