Vegan Leather: Two young Mexicans make leather from cacti

An innovative technique invented by two young Mexican entrepreneurs is to create vegan leather from cactus, which is eco-friendly but also similar to real leather.
People have been trying for a long time to find a new, sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to cruelty-free leather. And now it’s done with this vegan leather.

We encourage all ideas that reduce animal suffering and make the world a better place, and this is precisely the type of cause we can support.

A new method of creating ecological leather

Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez have developed a technique for transforming cacti into vegetable leather called Desserto. It’s made entirely from cactus and this leather can be used for everything from shoes to wallets.

The cactus is very hardy and can withstand low temperatures during the winter without dying. According to their website, they pick and cut only the mature leaves of the plant without damaging the cactus itself, and they harvest it every 6 to 8 months.

The creation of vegan leather is already a reality.

To date, the company has been able to use cactus leather in several ways. By creating handbags, car seats, shoes, and even clothing, vegan fashion is coming. And since the material is completely organic. Leather is breathable, which has often proven to be a problem when it comes to synthetic alternatives.

In the process of creating cactus leather. They cut the mature leaves and dry them in the sun for 3 days in order to get the exact humidity level needed. Then, they transform the organic raw material to make the patented formula needed to create vegan leather.

In addition, another important ecological fact is that vegetable tanned leather is partially bio-degradable and does not contain any plastic. The fact that it is biodegradable makes this material even more valuable.

Vegetable leather is an alternative to animal leather

Thanks to its longevity and its high resistance to low temperatures. This organic and viable product can replace the use of animal leather and other non-ecological synthetic materials.

Thanks to its know-how, the brand negotiates projects with major players from different sectors and strives to make equipment more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. So, before you even know it, you might find yourself donning a pair of vegan shoes or a cactus leather bag. The leather industry has some concerns.

There is no harm to the surrounding biodiversity.

They did not have to cut down the trees on the farms that supply the cacti. In fact, they did the opposite, since they are planting a cactus native to the area, which in fact contributes to the biodiversity of the area.

Adrian and Maret’s methods do not harm the surrounding biodiversity. Their plantation is entirely organic and their natural techniques stimulate the microflora and microfauna of the soil, which is then preserved without damage.

Would you be okay with the idea of ​​growing organic cactus leather instead of animal leather? Do you agree with the idea that this is a viable solution that must be implemented immediately around the world?

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