Discover here the super foods that will save your life and that you must incorporate into your diet right now

We all agree on one point: every two days, a new superfood appears on the Internet. We live in a time when we are more conscious of our health and bodily well-being than ever before, so magical foods come out from under a pile of pebbles and are forgotten or unrecognized a few months later. shame.

But there’s one superfood that’s still around that we’ve overlooked so much: fiber. Surprise: we are wrong.

We all think fiber is important to us. However, it is not in vain that we are told about 5 fruits and vegetables a day for a lifetime. But studies prove that not only does this super food benefit gut health, it can also significantly reduce the risk of multiple diseases.

A WHO team collected 40 years of data, 158 surveys, 58 clinical trials and a total of 5,000 participants before concluding that we should be consuming 25 to 29 grams of fiber per day. But with this, we only increase our consumption a little and we will see the benefits.

Fiber is able to lower cholesterol, limit inflammation, and regulate blood sugar levels. These 3 characteristics slow down the chronic diseases that we could develop later.

The research we mentioned earlier found that for every 8 grams (just 8 grams!) Of extra fiber in our diet, we would decrease our risk of developing type 2 diabetes, colon cancer or heart disease by 25%. . In addition, people who consume fiber have a 15-30% lower chance of dying prematurely from chronic disease.

If you want to be very healthy, you also have to take into account that there is controversy over how much of this super food we should eat. The University of Tufts, for example, estimates that this amount should not be less than 38 grams per day. Either way, the moral is clear: the more fiber you eat, the healthier you will live.

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